1Peter 1 “Rabbit Trails & Fiddlesticks”

You have heard people say “oh fiddlesticks” when things don’t go quite as they had planned.

Lewis Carroll authored the story of Alice in Wonderland where rabbit trails lead to various individuals and paths of various sorts. The story begins with Alice being bored because sister is reading a book with no pictures. Like Alice, we get bored and find ourselves following rabbit trails which are confusing mazes of detours and distractions. The believers to whom Peter has been writing were not bored but were facing trials. They may have been taking rabbit trails hoping one of them would lead to the end of the trial but instead only led to the town of “Fiddlesticks and No-Where.” Therefore, Peter admonishes them to stay on God’s path and to persevere through it because the goal is the salvation of their souls.

Is God is saying to you as He said to Elijah “What are you doing here?” Has your rabbit trail led you to the same town? Beloved, to attain the goal we must “get our minds ready for action.” Don’t allow the thoughts of this and that to send you on differing rabbit trails only to find yourself camped out like Elijah in a cave outside the town of Fiddlesticks and No-Where. Set your hope completely on the grace that is yours and will be revealed when Jesus returns. You have purified your soul to be obedient children and to show mutual love. Trust Him and “He will make your paths straight.”  [Prov 3:5-6]

Published by Gaye Austin