I saw my very neglected Kindle laying on my bookshelf and just decided that I wanted to mix things up a little bit. I saw some reviews about a new series written by Grace Draven which is a fantasy/love novel. Now before I go any further, this has some graphic sexual scenes in it so this is definitely an adult novel. Alright, on to the book review!

I LOVED these books. I honestly can't gush about it any more. I read the two novels in around 3 days (I made sure to only read 2 chapters one day because I didn't want the series to end). This story is about a human named Ildiko and a Kai (grey ashen skin, yellow eyes with no pupils, long clawed hands) named Brishen. Now they are being subjected to a political marriage because they are noble but not noble enough to be really considered of any importance. But the kicker is that these two races find each other extremely ugly to one another and they usually want nothing to do with the other. But being the good nobles that they are, they accept to being "chained down" to one another. However what was once a disgust, even fear at times, turns into something they could not have imagined.

The one thing that Draven did wonderfully is that she showed the progression of their relationship throughout the two books. They started out as being wary of each other but they slowly became friends. And then friends slowly turned into best friends into lovers. Nothing seemed too fast or too slow in this book and had a great pace. Ildiko is considered to be one of the most beautiful humans but a "mollusk" to her husband which may seem like an insult but turns into a term of endearment that just makes you smile like a little girl. While Brishen is a handsome Kai to his kind but an "eel" to his wife. Their banter is perfect because they aren't afraid to be themselves around each other. When they fall in love they don't do the whole "let me deny myself this feeling" they just let it happen, which is a nice breather from the typical cliche.

The secondary characters were also amazing. Anhuset, who is Brishen's cousin and second in command, has an attitude that can't be matched and she adds so much to the series because she won't take anyones crap and doesn't care. She fiercely loves her cousin and comes to love Ildiko and it shows. Serovek happens to be human but belongs to a different race than Ildiko and is also Brishen's neighbor. Even though they seem to be enemies more than friends they get rid of their prejudices for the good of their people and Serovek starts to have his eye on a certain Kai *cough* Anhuset *cough*.

While Radiance focuses more on the growing relationship between Brishen and Ildiko, which was needed and done very well; Eidolon centers on a major problem of demons that are taking over their kingdom and how they are going to try and conquer it. There is more action that occurs in the second book and the description of it is written to a tee!

I found out that there will be 6 books total in the series but it will focus more on Anhuset and Serovek's relationship rather than Ildiko and Brishen, but I'm still going to be keeping up with it!

Overall Radiance and Eidolon deserves 5 out of 5 stars!!

Published by Marisa Morgan