*Hey hello yes this is another short story amazing right
*Also I cant think of names r.i.p


Kizi was walking on the sidewalk, calmly making her way to the park. Her earbuds inserted, the music drowned all other noises of kids laughing in the distance. It also deafened the sound of thunder rolling up above. Still making her way to the park, bobbing her head along to the beat, Kizi failed to notice the light trickles of the raindrops on her head. By the time she had already made it to the park, it was pouring, and Kizi dived for cover under a tree. She flipped her dark, auburn hair over her face to shield her eyes from the light drops of water. "Great, now what do I do?" Kizi let out an exasperated sigh. The rain seemed to take her up on that challenge, for now it was so thick everything looked blurry. Kizi hadn't thought to bring an umbrella, so there she was, shivering under a tree, questioning her bad luck. "And this is the one time I decide to go outside." Kizi grumbled, struggling to keep warm. 

Suddenly, she felt a coat placed upon her back and an umbrella shielding her from the harsh rain. A boy with jet black hair and startling blue eyes with a smile to match was standing in front of her, the umbrella in his hand. "Hey, Kizi," He breathed. Kizi felt her own breath hitch in her throat, and she stuttered when she spoke. The boy laughed and moved closer, and Kizi felt her face grow hot. Their faces drew closer-

Kizi woke up abruptly. She sighed. "Just when it was getting to the good part, too." Eyes dirfting upwards, Kizi noticed that the rain had stopped and the sky looked as if there was never a single cloud to threaten. Kizi felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, and noticed two things. One, her music had stopped. Two, she had 14 missed calls from home.

"Oh no," Kizi said, her face showing alarm. "I'm going to be in for it when I get home..."

The rain can bring some dreams.

Published by Crystal Lunar