Cream coloured ponies and crisp apple strudels……YUM with all the home made custard in the world!!!! OK that doesn’t gel with my anti candida diet bummer….

Well maybe I could sneak just a little……..

One of my favourite things is going to the markets, I don’t get too many weekends off, and when I do get the opportunity I head straight to the markets. I love them so much, wandering the stalls with heaps of time, breathing in the creativity, I love home made goods and I love meeting the creative courageous beings behind them and organic homemade face and body products really get me super excited.

Last weekend I totally outdid myself; I trotted off to Bondi with one of my soul sisters and went to the Art On The Street Market AND the regular Sunday Bondi markets. I know right!!! Two in one day!! I was walking around beaming from ear to ear way overstimulated……… so much fun!

My heart skipped a beat when I came across a little gem – Natural Skin Care and Soaps by Toby and Rosie. Their story started from love and their products are made with love, all hand made by them, straight from the heart. With each batch they make sure their focus is on sustainability, protecting mother earth and providing purely natural nourishing products, with their raw ingredients sourced locally as possible.

I was in massive need of a body cream as yes I have turned into a lizard in these wintery months, coconut oil wasn’t cutting the mustard and I had gone through the olive oil we had in the cupboard. So I tried the coca and lavender body butter… wait for it, I am into texture….the texture is incredible, it’s like a lightly whipped custard mouse (texture and custard, they got me) it is not rock hard in winter (yay usable all year round) it glides smoothly and effortlessly over your skin and is so calming and nourishing with the lavender oil. Toby let me in on the secret new ingredient of frankincense….more amazement and I am no longer a lizard. Thanks Toby and Rosie for making my day! I also brought some amazing soap that looks like cake you could eat, Toby suggested I use them as shampoo…I will try anything once, I’ll let you know how I go…..

What’s your favourite market to go to and your little gem you love to visit? 

Published by Chrissy Davies