About four months ago I started looking at houses because I’m tired of lighting a match to the $900+ I spend every month on rent. I actually went as far as putting an offer on a beautiful 2000+ sq.ft. house. Right as I put the offer in, I started feeling incredibly stressed and almost sick. I hoped it was just nerves, but was worried that I wasn’t feeling excited or “right” about my potential purchase. So I started asking myself, “Why?” The answers didn’t surprise me, but definitely made me withdraw that offer and rethink my direction.

I was first and foremost afraid of getting totally stuck living somewhere. I love moving around, or at least having the freedom to move around. It wouldn’t be a decrease in my cost of living and I would have to get a roommate (I currently live alone, and quite like it). What really got me though, was all the space. What would I fill it with? How would I afford all this new stuff when what I want to spend my money on is new adventures and perhaps adventure gear?! How would I feel when my friends were off climbing or skydiving and I had to stay home for the weekend to do yard work or fix something in the house?

The answer became pretty clear, pretty fast. I needed a mobile home. A TINY mobile home!!

So I jumped into researching Tiny Houses. The first obstacle I had to tackle was where to park my home. I needed a place that’s close to where I work, because I’m not leaving (also a new thing for me, more on that later…)! Once I found that, I’d be able to figure the rest out.

As you’ll learn if you follow me on this journey, I’m pretty good at making things happen. So I found a place to park, and that’s how my story starts! Follow my blog to see how this adventure has been unfolding. https://tinyhomegrandadventures.wordpress.com/

What other options are there for 20-somethings who are tired of wasting their hard-earned money every month, but who aren't yet ready to settle down? Let me know your thoughts!

Published by Ericca