So as I have said previously, I am Welsh as is Chris.   We have followed Chris' career to Derby and have now started our family.  The two of us plus a human and a further baby.

I thought I would share my personal thoughts and feelings on how the situation effects me at times.  I am really quite a sensitive soul and I  totally over think at times, my own worst enemy.  

On the most part I am so happy and content here.  My family is my home and thats all that matters.  But sometimes I have emotional days (like today) and I feel like I am ready to share my view...

So, here are my personal pros and cons to our situation:

Being positive ...

  • It's made us extremely strong and close as a couple 
  • We do it all, just the two of us and   We are a fab team!
  • I spam the Grandmothers daily with pictures, videos and updates and they adore our girl 
  • I try my best to ensure no one misses a thing.
  • We don't have unexpected guests 
  • It's easy to keep up a good routine with Evie 
  • When we do see each other - it's quality time
  • I have a new and better appreciation for our nearest and dearest.




The down side...

  • We don't have unexpected guests - sometimes it's nice to have a spontaneous visitors
  • I miss everyone!!
  • I feel like Evie misses out with the extended family.  Like sometimes she's forgotten.  This makes me sad.
  • We don't have the option to have date nights or just to catch up on sleep
  • It can be lonely and I do get home sick.
  • Sometimes I know our family just needs a hug and it upsets me that we can't be there for them.
  • Can't just call in and have a cuppa with the family. 
  • A weekend back in Wales for me is exhausting.
  • Some relationships have changed.  I feel like I am forgotten now I have a baby. 

I do love my life.  I love my home.  I love my family and our parents are so amazing and supportive they help make the distance feel like nothing.  We talk most days.  


Most friends in Wales are amazing and I love the get togethers we have.  Makes them more special now as they are only a few times a year.  They are such a good group that it's like we have never been apart on the occasions we get together !  They again are so supportive of my little family and I love them more for that 

Very lucky to have these people in my life.

This is not so much about living away but the feeling of motherhood in general.   I do feel like some people don't care or want to be there for me now I am a mother or for my baby girl, I am now forgotten about and disregarded from any plans made because now I no longer count... their loss, because she's an absolute beaut!


Published by Jemma Deen