What do rakes and shovels have to do with the kingdom of God or towels and basins? Jesus served the disciples by washing their feet. Walking by the seashore he saw the farmers working in their fields with rakes and shovels.  All of these are the tools of servanthood. What might they say if they could talk? Do they ever have an identity crisis? Does the rake say instead of being a rake I want to be a shovel? Does the towel say I don’t want to do that job today? This is ludicrous we say, yet the Corinthians were doing just that and in doing so they were dividing the church.  Paul wanted them to see that whether a rake or a shovel or a towel or a basin---each is important. We are Christ’s body and each of us is a member of it. God has placed all precious and different gifts in his church that Christ would be seen.

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a rake or a shovel in the Garden of God? Or are you a towel to minister to the needs of others or carry the water in the basin to be used in some act of service? No matter who we are we have been delivered from the domain of Satan’s kingdom and transferred to the kingdom of the King of Kings so that we may minister to others.  




Published by Gaye Austin