What I have experienced thus far is how often others attempt to test my values. With each passing day, with each new encounter accompanies an opportunity for me to collect comments, recommendations, requests, and opinions suggesting what I should be. All offering the promise that if I bend in their suggested direction, “They” or “I” somehow will be rewarded. What I have learned is how dangerous offering advice to others can be. When asked what is my weakness, I would say listening, I’m just a good listener. Of course my answer sounds ridiculous until I say I don’t want to be just a good listener, I want to be an effective listener. I want to be the listener others need me to be, I want to be the listener I need to be for myself. It’s my hope American Male never advises but be a place where individuals listens to the messages woven within the stories that are profiled. - American Male Contributor B.W. http://www.bepartofthenarrative.com

American Male - The "My Trending Stories" Edition. American Male is a single grassroots attempt at stimulating an internal dialogue within men of all ages  for the purpose of encouraging self-reflection. The “be part of the narrative” goal is to encourage the importance of identifying who you are; for the purpose of developing healthier relationships and deeper connections with yourself and others. As a newly contributor to "My Trending Stories," one of the series that are featured on American Male is called, "Random Thoughts & Occurrences." This series allows the readers of American Male to share in our random observations, occasional soap box rants, to the gloomy, ironic, and humorous moments. I hope you enjoy this series and I look forward to this new venture with "My Trending Stories."  - American Male Founder & Contributor. 

Published by Brandon - American Male Contributor