A mixed bag. 

5. The Dysasters by P.C. Cast

What it’s About:  An outsider girl and popular boy are thrust together when they discover that they have magic powers, due to being part of a group that has been genetically manipulated to bond with elements.

What I Thought:  Just didn’t work for me, at all.  Everything about it just grated for some reason.

4.  Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson

What it’s About:  Mila brings her best friend back from the dead, unintentionally revving the two mean girls who also died under mysterious circumstances.  They have seven days before the trio return to their graves, and they have no memory of how they died.

What I Thought:  A lot of people really like this one, but it seemed rather flat to me.   Better than The Dysasters in that I didn’t find it annoying, but it just didn’t draw me in.

3.  Light Years by Kass Morgan

What it’s About:  An attack by a mysterious enemy leads to an integration at the Quatra Fleet Academy.  One squad, consisting of an insider, two from previously excluded planets, and a fourth with a secret agenda, must sort out their differences and decide where they stand with intergalactic war looming.

What I Thought:  A case of it’s not you, it’s me.  An interesting concept, but heavier on the romance than I would have liked.  I may still check out the sequel.

2.  Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus

What it’s About:  Ellery moves to a small town known for the tragic fates of a pair of young local girls in the past, including her aunt.  Then another girl goes missing.

What I Thought:  A solid YA mystery.  I did have a small issue with the ending, in that while the main arc is wrapped up nicely, there are a couple of side threads that I would have liked to see more from.

  1.  One of us is Lying by Karen M. McManus

What it’s About:  Five students are alone in detention when one of them is mysteriously poisoned.  The survivors are the obvious suspects, especially since the victim ran a school gossip website and had dirt on all of them.  Can they trust each other enough to find the real killer?What I Thought:  A little better than her other book, though both are worth checking out.  Things are wrapped up nicely here, even though there’s a sequel coming.  I will definitely check out the next book when it arrives.   

Published by Andrew Clendening