Are we a masochist society? In a society where, according to the statistics shown in (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) every 2 minutes an American is being sexually assaulted, where only about 2% of rapists will ever go to jail or prison and acts are being done for the pleasure of inflicting pain, self-imposing and degradation of the victims, are we not being a masochist society? We could blame other individuals all we want, not us, of course, that will not make this serious issue go away. Some people may point fingers to mainstream media, and to be accurate, it is not only mainstream media's fault, but we have to claim responsibility on it as well.

To be frank, whenever we talk about the wave of social issues our society has, the first one to blame is mainstream media since they have an impact on how the times we live in are shaped. As mainstream media enforces these thoughts by sexualizing the content we are all exposed to, summer hits are songs about “b***es”, “h**s”, “bang/sex”, and you might know the rest, that call to the objectification of women disregarding race or age. A great amount of social media evolves around sexual content, the woman's body is shown with little to no censorship. A woman's value evolves around the shape of their body, the clothes they wear out on the streets, the amount of makeup they wear, the amount of cleavage they show, they way they walk, and even the way they talk, that is what determines the amount of “h**” a woman is.

In contemporary times we cannot only think of a rapist as an older individual, an acquaintance or friend, but young teens as well since that are the most exposed to these ideas and content more now than ever. Where, according to, teens spend 9 hours a day on average being exposed to media. Not only that, but as some cultures have passed down form generation to generation beliefs that haunt society even today. The one being focused on is male chauvinism, because of course, men are stronger than women, they have more authority, are more intellectual, and by far superior, right? That is why men can do what they please to a woman and dispose of them at any given time, of course. Utterly incorrect. Discussing which gender is stronger or better than the other is not the point, but the certain beliefs that have always been a menace to equality, making equality a myth. Where in all this is equality when, as stated on the USNews website, the percentage of men being raped is 1.7% compared to the nearly 1 in 5 of women being raped or having faced a rape attempt. Certainly there is not equality in women fearing the being at risk of being sexually assaulted at any given time of the day and there is certainly no equality in attempting to show the least vulnerability possible out there. In some households, mainstream media is not the only thing future adults are exposed to but the beliefs of gender superiority, in this case male superiority.

Then add to the equation what cultures have heavily passed from one generation to the other to the content we are exposed to everyday, the result is men thinking it is acceptable to prey on women out in the street or wherever they please, since the thought of superiority seems arousing. You tell me, how does all this portray us as a society? To you, what values are being taught and passed down to the future of this society, our youth?


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Published by Fernanda Guevara