Rapid ride


Caught inside a ‘boiler room’

The happiness of all

Excitement reigned on family day

Enjoyed by all who saw


A battle to behave

A storm that brewed beside

How, on earth, did she fall

From rapid water ride?


From a stand atop the sky

With others in her thrall

Heart, alive when ambos came

Too young to end it all


In bed she lay, touching death

A sheet hides her from sounds

Away, be gone the sweetest soul

Away from her surrounds


A safer place invited her

Within she walked that day

Nothing, no-one to defend

Or carry her away


Sorrow stroked her fingers

They felt as heavy as her head

Dependent on who’s left behind

As the night sky turned to red


Yet as she left the scene she knew

Her love, she’d share with many

Encountered in a fulsome spread

From Ashmore to Albany


The collision of a crucifix

Baby, screaming, quiet, standing

The departure from a youthful life

Arrival came on calmest landing.


Written the day after the DreamWorld Theme

Park disaster on 25th October 2016, on the

Gold Coast,Queensland, Australia.

Published by Owen Tilley