I Love Zazzle

Check out my booties. Aren’t they cute? I think they’re awesome. These are one of my favourite accessories. Plus, they make my feet look huge, which I find immensely funny. Mommy says that’s because they’re a bit too big. But that’s not a problem. I’ll grow into them.

I have funny booties on my feet.

I have funny booties on my feet.

They may be too big but they stay on my feet very well. Mommy pulls them up my calves and the stretchy, elastic fabric makes them stay put. They keep my feet, and a good portion of my legs, toasty warm. Because the elastic is built into the fabric, there are no pressure points to dig into my skin. My booties stay on without making me uncomfortable,

These booties are made by Baby Fehn and mommy bought mine at Walmart. They don’t seem to be in stock at the moment. Baby Fehn might have discontinued these particular booties. But they do make rattlebooties of other varieties which I imagine would work just as well.

Mommy likes that these booties are machine washable. I like that they are bright orange and fuzzy. Baby Fehn makes these booties with different characters. Mine have mice on them. They are fun to look at and they make it easier to grab my feet. I like to tug at them.

Now we get to the best part. My booties rattle when I kick my feet! The first time I wore them, I couldn’t figure out where the sound was coming from. But now I know how the sound is made and I can make it on purpose. The more vigorously I kick, the louder they go.

I love my rattle booties. They are a stylish accessory to any outfit. My booties keep my feet from getting cold. They have fun faces to look at. And if all that wasn’t enough, the rattles provide hours of entertainment. A cute and functional addition to my wardrobe, and a built in toy too!

Published by Peachy Little