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Since today is the 5th day of Autumn I decided to make something compelling to my idea of a mystery night. That’s why I painted this Image of a Raven on top of a branch. During autumn as you know leaves from each branches turns to die, fall and wither to the ground in this season. Ravens has more to offer than just a symbol and a superstition, indeed they are scavengers do not forget they are intelligent creatures as well.

Let me tell you a story.



The sky is turning dark while a cool gust of wind drifted along its way. 
The wet ground tells me it had rained for quite awhile, and lights from 
the car passed by the soggy and slippery road.
It was around fall while I was walking pass by the houses with decorations
of every kind; from pumpkins, fake candle to hanged figurines of skeletons.
I knew sooner or later the day would come that children of every ages 
would knock at my doorstep for some candies at hand.

Withered and nut-brown leaves crunched below my feet with every step that
I take. Getting close to the bench that always stood there below an ebbed
pin cherry tree, I realized I was getting closer to my home. However, 
there it is... again. A Raven on its feet stood on one of the dead branches
above the wooden fences that separates the house from the sidewalk. The 
Raven just remained there as if it was waiting for something. 

In my hands was an open pack of processed bread. I stopped and took out 
a handful of it and tore it to pieces. I was reluctant to give some 
of it at first thinking I might scare the poor bird with my presence 
and it would just fly away. The first time I saw the Raven was few days 
ago on the same branch. With a piece of the bread I swung my arm a little 
bit as the tiny food descended onto the ground. It flew down and ate the 
dropped ration, then looked up and looked at me with its crimson vision 
as if it is waiting for some more. I was at least a meter from the ebony 
bird when I further gave again. Until the bread was finished I said goodbye 
to the calm bird as it flew up to who knows where.

For a few days this happened, walk home from school, bread in
hand. Until one day the Raven wasn't there anymore. "Should I wait"? I 
thought "Maybe it's late, but wait that's kind of silly considering 
the bird doesn't even know time". I stood there for a few minutes until 
I had to go home since I had to cook dinner. I was a little bit gloomy
for some reason that I hadn't seen the Raven today. Around 7 pm it was
already dark outside, I went out to my front porch and sat there 
appreciating the wind that blew through my skin. I loved the night 
especially when it is at autumn season. It wasn't completely dark
since I could still perfectly make out the trees and houses outside.

Something flew by the steps of my house, its red eyes beamed complimenting 
its ebony body. It was the Raven I always fed, I sat there in silence 
figuring out what it was doing. It dropped something on the ground, I 
couldn't quite note what the object or whatever it was. After dropping
the said object it looked around for a while before flying to leave again.
For a few seconds I just sat and then I stood up."What was it"? I questioned 
myself. With my slippers I began to walk towards it, the said object made 
a distinction with its colour from the ground where it was left.

I crouched and picked it up, now I know what it is. It's a key, but 
for what? Confused, why would the Raven give me a key? Thinking that 
probably it is something the Raven just had to give me after all of 
the bread I've been feeding it. I considered it as a gift, and smiled 
then looked up at the sky. I rose up from my position, and held the 
key onto my hand. Then I turned around to face the steps that lead to 
the front door of my cozy little home. Proceeding to walk
I thought "Today was a good day".


Published by Coeli Myx