Have you ever been to a city where all you could think of is: This city has full of potential and it has yet to bloom in the years to come!

If not, then you haven't been to Roxas City, Capiz. It's about a 3 and a half hour bus ride from Iloilo City Ceres Terminal. It has its own domestic airport where you can catch Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines flights. It wasn't my first time to visit Roxas, but it was my first time to explore it.

Roxas City, Capiz has been known for its seafood and the city claims to be the Seafood Capital of the Philippines. It is the birthplace of the Philippines' fifth president Manuel Roxas and former 2016 presidential candidate Mar Roxas. This was what I've known Roxas for and for people like me, I found the city not so interesting to be visited since I haven't heard much of the city's tourist attractions... until I explored the place.

We spent three days and two nights and I was amazed when we toured around. Since my tito and cousin worked in the capitol, there was no problem with the transportation plus they also served as tourguides. Haha! Anyway, it's actually easy to tour the place because their mode of transportation is by riding a tricycle. Although there are cars, however I only seldom saw jeepneys. At first I thought that their tricycle is expensive because it costs 30-50 pesos and there are only three people who can ride (two in the front and one in the backride) but I was wrong! HAHA. Another one can actually sit in the third wheel of the tricycle. Which means you can literally do third wheel-ing. Hahaha!

Kidding aside, Roxas City has so much potential to show its tourists. The city is peaceful and I like it because it's just small - every place seemed so close and accessible with just a tricycle ride away. Plus there's no traffic. I guess because it's still not that developed which was why I could say it still has so much more to offer.

On our first day, we had our dinner at the Floating Cottages in Pueblo de Panay. Best time to go there is during sunset until night time because the view is amazing. The lights are so beautiful to look at in still water. And because it's still water, there are a lot of mosquitos at night.

Tip: bring your Off Lotion or request for a mosquito repellant when you dine because even the fan can't stop them bloodsuckers. Hahaha. After having our dinner, we then checked in at San Antonio Resort where we had our night swimming.




Night View


San Antonio Resort. Their desserts taste so good!


The morning after, we woke up and had our free breakfast at San Antonio Resort. Then went to the capitol to meet some people then do some errands. We were supposed to go back home that day, but then spontaneity happened. Haha! We went to Espacio Verde Resort to swim. Espacio Verde is also one of the tourist attractions in Roxas and I really loved the resort especially their hotel lobby (lol you will walk pass those pineapple carved trees). The ambiance is so relaxing. We paid 100 pesos for the swimming fee but we didn't stay at their villas since it's costly. You have to pay 3,400 pesos good for two for overnight and it wasn't worth it since we arrived late and we had to leave early tomorrow. But the place is really nice and high class. Perfect for family getaways. Will upload a video of my experience in these places. Wait for it!



hello cousin!



so peaceful on a weekday

After swimming, we then checked in at Mercedes Hotel which is a great place to stay since it is very affordable and at the same time clean, spacious and has all the amenities you need. I would definitely recommend this place if you wanted a place to stay within the city. After checking in, we went to have our dinner at Baybay Roxas - known for very delicious seafood.

On our last day, after checking out, we had our brunch at El Circulo. It's located near the bus terminal. You can eat inside the cottages while experiencing a breathtaking view since it is located uphill overlooking the streets.

I would definitely go back to Roxas, perhaps even buy a piece of land while it's not yet that developed. Haha. Kidding. Roxas City will definitely grow and increase its economy governed by the right administration. Haha! Plus the city's schools produce outstanding and talented students (most of my schoolmates from Capiz are smart and talented haha! hello guys if you happen to read this lol bye)

Published by Danna Javellana