Almost every pet owner has a debate about which type of food is most suited for their pets. While some believe that raw pet food is ideal, others believe that standard food is the best. 

Pet owners can choose high-quality pet food, including grains, starches, vegetables, fruits, and meat, or can choose a raw pet diet of meat, bones and other animal parts. All pet owners want the best food products for their pets’ happiness, health, and active lives. Feeding your pet a balanced and nutritious diet is the first step towards maintaining the health of your pets. 

What is raw pet food?

Raw pet food is a category of pet foods that consists of bones, meat, organs, and eggs. This food is entirely uncooked, and still contains the original bacteria. It is unprocessed and does not fit the standard norms of germ removal and cleanliness. Germs like Listeria monocytogenes and salmonella are present in raw pet food. Natural pet food packages are generally frozen and not fresh. Pet owners need to thaw these packages before serving them to the pets. 

Some pet owners forego frozen foods and opt for fresh raw pet food. However, this fresh food also contains all the harmful bacteria and germs that are present on frozen foods. The microbes present in raw pet food can cause serious illness in both people and their pets. 

A raw pet food diet generally includes:

  1. Bones, either whole or ground
  2. Muscle meat, either on or off animals’ bone
  3. Meat and organs like livers and kidneys
  4. Vegetables and fruits like broccoli, celery, spinach, apples, and other fruits
  5. Raw eggs
  6. Dairy products like yoghurt 

How can raw pet food benefit your pets?

While there is a lot of controversy surrounding raw pet food, many pet owners still prefers serving their pets fresh food. Several benefits can be gained from natural pet foods. These are:

  • Provides pets with healthier skin
  • Shinier coats to pets’ skin
  • Pets’ teeth become cleaner and stronger
  • Provides higher energy levels
  • Bowel movement is instantly regularized 

Why is raw pet food better than standard pet food?

It is incredibly overwhelming to choose the right pet food. There is a lot to understand from labels and ingredients of different pet foods. Raw pet foods do not have labels and ingredients, while standard foods do. We have simplified things for you so that you can make the best decision for your pet. 

  • Ease of preparation: Preparing dog food is a critical element while nurturing your pet. All standard meals need to be prepared before they can be consumed. Some need slight heating and cooking. This process is detrimental if you are travelling and are unable to get home in time to get dinner ready for your dog or cat. Standard food, raw foods don’t come with labels. You need to consult an animal nutritionist to ensure that you include all required proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients in raw food for your pet. However, you can speedily prepare fresh food without worrying about the process or the time.
  • Taste and nutritional content: Raw diets provide the best nutrition to your pets. Raw pet food delivers a complete nutritional profile. Conventional foods focus on any one aspect of the diet, not on the body as a whole. Along with nutritional content, pets also love the taste of raw food. Flavour profiles and textures of natural foods vary according to the type of food being consumed. Some fresh foods are crunchy, juicy, salty, hard, soft, gooey, and so on. Standard foods come in packets of gel or powder. With proper guidelines for storing bones and meat, you can give your pets a highly tasty and nutritious meal.
  • Storage and Shelf life: Raw food is challenging to store because of its short shelf-life. You can store most meat items in your refrigerator. All you would need is to make adequate space for storage and retrieval.
  • Cost: Raw pet food, including all raw food and other nutritional elements, is much costlier than standard meals. Standard food is cheap in comparison to fresh pet food. Pet owners think of conventional food as low quality because of its price. Standard pet foods come in packets with regularised weights. Raw foods have to be purchased individually. This tends to drive the cost up. 

Irrespective of which food you feed your pets, the nutritional value should be high. Raw pet food is healthy and nutritious in comparison to normal pet food.

Published by Zoe Sewell