If you are a barbecue lover and you find yourself in Zagreb, look no more. R&B Food has a great BBQ offer.

Who does not like pleasant surprises? Especially if they come in the form of a fine meal. One like that I have experienced in R & B Food last week.

Zagreb is sometimes a little-bit strange city. On Sundays most of the people in this city are resting, some do not want to spend time cooking, then, in my own logic, I expect that most of the restaurants are opened. However, in Zagreb, this is not the case. Most of the restaurants are closed on Sundays, so you must do in-depth “study” for the place where you can have a lunch or dinner. This time the “finger” has fallen on one of them: R & B Food.

At first glance, it seems like a pretty small place, but the other part of the restaurant is located in the “basement” , so you don’t need to panic if the first part of the restaurant is full.
At first we liked the form of the menu and how it’s divided on some basic categories


I liked the service too, which was very friendly and willing to answer your questions, recommend or advise you.
For my part, the decision was made ​​on the R & B Baby Back Ribs (75 kn, cca. 10 €). Pork ribs (mild, spicy or hot) with bread, potatoes and Jack Daniels sauce. Friends have opted for R & B veal rib (95 kn, cca. 13 €) with smoked sweet BBQ sauce, onion rings, tzatziki salad of fresh cucumbers and bread, and the R & B Turkey Roll (70 kn, cca. 9,30 € ), turkey roll stuffed with grainy, le gruyere cheese and prosciutto, served with salad, veggie kebabs and burgers.

Also, R & B Food offers a tap and bottled beer Zmajska brewery (0.5 to 25 kn, cca. 3,40 €), which is a huge plus.

The food arrived fairly quickly or is it that the time for us flew so quickly? Who knows. Meat from the ribs was separating from bone with just a touch of a fork or knife. The aroma is smoky and completely balanced as it should be for BBQ ribs. Although, I have decided for the spicier version, the heat was not sticking out . In fact, it was quite pleasant, and mixed with the sweet taste of the sauce. The flesh is soft, and it literally melts in your mouth. Fries are in the form of “ship”, not too salty, crispy and delicious, and the bread that is very soft  fits with the sauce from the ribs.

I do not know why I haven’t  found this place before, but I know that every BBQ junkie must go here. There are also sandwiches, sausages,  … Well enough things for a few more visits. R & B Food is really positive surprise.

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