February Stars; Wilder Irish (Series)
by Mari Carr (Author)

This review is from: May 7, 2017 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

The Collins family and their beloved pub is back in a new book, February Stars. Give me just a moment to gush over how much I love, adore, worship the very computer that Mari Carr types on because I want to be her someday when I grow up....there is a reason Mari is a bestselling author and February Stars reaffirms that very title.

Ailis Adams has just been dumped. After six years of devoting her life to her ex she should feel something, anything, but instead she feels nothing. She wonders if that is weird?

Hunter Morgan on the other hand is pissed. Filled with rage and bitterness. You see he happens to be the other half of the unlucky equation in the dump and run. His fiancee skipped out of town and left with Ailis' boyfriend.

When Hunter comes pounding on Ailis' door demanding to see his ex, he didn't expect to make a comrade out of the crappy situation, in fact as he looked back months later he never expected to thank his lucky stars for what happens next.

Ten months later Ailis hadn't moved much further except back in with her family. The trainwreck of her relationship still seemed to haunt both her and Hunter.  Sure they actually turned out to be friends, really good friends as the months progressed, but as far as moving on, she just couldn't seem to do it.

A chance encounter out at a night club, running into both of their ex's spurs Hunter to do something crazy. Kissing Ailis, not just a gentle peck, but a full on passionate kiss right in front of them. It had the desired effect and not only made their ex's leave, but it also set off a chain of events and emotions that neither seemed willing to turn their backs on.

When a job opportunity opens up and Ailis has a chance to reach for the stars she doesn't hesitate to bring Hunter on board. Her only insecurity is that his star has the chance to shine brighter. Ailis worries that it may burn her when Hunter realizes he doesn't need her anymore. She actually feels something for Hunter and doesn't want to end up right back where she is now, alone and this time devastated. She has been more alive with him than she has ever been with anyone, but if he didn't want her, could she risk everything and reach for the stars alone?

February Stars is a beautiful story about missed opportunities. A second chance at a new greeting; meeting a love that has been right there before you the entire time, but hidden in plain sight.

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