Did you realize that by utilizing property options you are able to legally take control of valuable properties to generate quick income with just a little bit of money. Learning to understand and utilize this valuable technique can be hugely valuable to the success of a fresh or seasoned property investor.

In order to take full advantage of the great technique, you only have to understand how the technique works and become familiar with, and follow, your local state laws. Having learned how to utilize this technique and regulations, you will soon be on the way to a great return on your investing efforts.

Here are a few essential questions concerning property options...

What's a property option? Is that just like a Lease Option? I thought property options were illegal! What are the steps in a property option transaction? And - How are options used to get property at discounted prices?

What's a property option?

A property option is really a unilateral agreement:

Between an optionor (The Seller) and an optionee (The Buyer, for the remainder of this article I will refer to them only because the Buyer and Seller)

Binding only on the Seller

Where the exclusive, unrestricted, and irrevocable option to get is exchanged with the Buyer for valuable consideration

The purchase of the choice doesn't impose any obligation upon the Buyer to exercise the choice and or purchase the property

However, the Seller is bound by the agreement to offer the property at the agreed price to the Buyer if the Buyer choose to get the property within the choice time period

The elements that must be spelled out in an option agreement are:

o Price (consideration) to be paid for the choice

o Time-when will the choice start and when can it expire

o Strike Price-the mutually agreed price or property during the choice period

o Other terms and conditions of the choice agreement

Is just a property option just like a Lease Option?

Yes and No! The option element of a lease option agreement could possibly be the identical as the choice agreement we are discussing nevertheless the lease option includes a lease for the property. 
I thought property options were illegal!

Real Estate Options of some type are legal generally in most free countries in the world. It's the lease part that could cause some legal problems using American States. In order to avoid any problems, be sure to consult with a property attorney before entering into any property agreement. 
What are the steps in a property option transaction?

This is a step by step overview of an option transaction:

1. The Buyer and the Seller enter into an agreement

And the Buyer pays an option consideration to the Seller The Seller grants the Buyer the exclusive, unrestricted, and irrevocable option to get property at a fixed purchase price 
within a specified period of time.

2. The Buyer either

Sets up a closing and purchases the actual estate during the choice perio sells the choice to some other investor or Lets the choice expire by not purchasing the property during the choice period 
How are options used to get property at discounted prices?

Investors may use options to gain control of home for brief time. During that time, the investor can seek out another buyer to offer to for an increased price compared to option amount. The profit is the total amount of difference in the total amount of the choice and the sale price.

But a more creative utilization of an option is always to locate a supplier having trouble selling their property. Then convince that seller to offer you an option to get but with the best to sublease it immediately. The investor may then rent out the property on a rent your can purchase agreement. This will enable the investor to generate some income while helping their renter enter into the positioning to get the property from their website at a substantial profit.


Published by Whitney Morgan