"Game recognize game." A quote from television show The Boondocks, is a saying that is applied in real life. Just like in the series, there are many instances that are drawn from real life experiences. But really, game recognize game. It is a saying that ultimately means, let's be real. As a young African-American man, I see this everyday, no one is truly real with themselves. Everyone believes that they are in a sort of fantasy world that is ruled by Twitter, Instagram, and Snap chat. We stay on our phones or look at our computers for hours but are we getting work done? What are we looking at? Are we looking at new careers to pursue or looking for someone to Netflix and Chill with? Do we spend time thinking about our future or are we so consumed with who is trending that our life passes us by? I get caught up in this as well forgetting that there are bigger things than being on Twitter or post on Snap chat all day. This is where game recognizes game. As a human being, we go through things that can change and shape our futures. Me, I am going through things such as a breakup with an ex, going to school, working a job, along with trying to give my readers great content. But let's be honest, everything that happens in our lives, happens for a reason. All of the heartbreaks, the mishaps, mistakes all take place for a reason. We may never realize it but things happen for a reason. Success, failure, they all occur because of something. Being a college student, makes things worst because people expect us to be adults and we just want to have fun. Our parents expect us to go to school so we can graduate, get a good job, and get out of their house. These things seem easy but they really are not. So game recognize game. Begin with understanding that as adolescents we are growing everyday. We are creating a journey that we want to be on. We are putting ourselves in the position to make ourselves happy. Throughout the journey, will there be heartbreak? Failure? Disappointment? Yes. But sometimes we do not want your help, because we have to figure this out for ourselves. To my parents, if you are reading this. We as your children really appreciate you, you bathed us when we were babies, you clothed us, fed us, and read us bedtime stories when we were little. But real recognize real. We are grown now. Your little baby is now 18, 19, 20 years old. Real recognize real, we want to experience this world and find ourselves in this world. If you are in a relationship, sometimes you have to put yourself first. Being selfish does not tell your significant other, you do not love and care for them. It says that "I have dreams and goals, I want to accomplish, I need you beside and behind me but I may be busy." Sometimes they understand, sometimes they do not. But in this world today no one knows what happiness truly is until it comes and slaps you in the face. We should not look to social media to be our only sign of happiness, go out with your friends, spend time with family, spend time with your significant other. Go to school, get up, get out and get something (Outkast line). Be free, be whoever you want to be. But game recognize game. Be happy. That's all that matters. 

Published by Darren Walker