Grand staircase of tinkling fizz
walk up/down see deep feeling, move nowhere fast
petrified labyrinth in juxtaposed glass

Confused as to whose is whose floor, hard slipping tile a wet grass moor
falling soar, peeling twists rotator core
eyes look soft or hard calling more
as you drift helpless, a sword
by the door, as move slow close forwards

Towers of mist, figures look out at runners moving towards

They all always come, drawn black on the horizon line shining as Sun's
see them ever yet they never do, just run
what do they do where, lives are myths
it is drawn everywhere in the rocks of a cliff
a house on a hill, or a street near an empty grassy lot
moving rooms change the atmosphere, I call this forgot


See faces drift by helpless the eyes glinted like mirrors
suddenly something, it was quite serious
hallways filled with waiters, a room
couch on the wall, three other type
there, they sat like they knew this

What are you doing here, I walked about bit confused-is
legs exploding cartwheels, head like Anubis
now, no way to get through this

Would you like to go, now
hand over head, the edge of
a world disc
No! nothing can prove this

Smiles, reflective eyes-laughing sighs
till next


Sink through the floor raise no force waves
blast of seeing, hat blink reappear
it turn slowly upside down, show the dark hole inside
hear something come from it, singing type cries

As it pull you down into, shriek insane yelps help
slow dying flights soft drifting lights
no, this is not what you call—

It is not day nor night, dimly remembered
memories of pre- sight
                        I do not know I always think of thin skies and what disappear in their heights

Published by Tom Lopes