The biggest heartbreak a girl can face is one by her best friend, or so called best friend. I am sure a lot of you can relate.  The confusion is so real.  We will call my friend Allison and I am going to tell you why we had to part ways in LA. Allison was boy crazy.  Like she is the definition of boy crazy.  Who else has a friend like her?  If so, please comment below so I know I am not alone!  She throws me and my other friends other the bus to make herself look better, and makes up lies.  She cannot have fun without boys present.  Like what?  A friend should enjoy your company and not need a boy present to have a good time.  I am was offended that she didn’t think I was good enough to hang out with.  Here is the cherry on top.  I started dating an athlete, and she was offended that I did not set her up with one of his friends.  In response, she then proceeded to go to my friends and call me a slut, tell them I am selfish for not helping her find a boy, and how she doesn’t understand how I can get a boy and she can’t.  Hmmm. I have never felt more used and hurt by words from a person, let alone someone who is supposed to be a friend.  Continuing my journey in Los Angeles, I am more cautious of who I let into my life.

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Published by Lauren Emi