Already a lot of the time is spent! Be it - from searching for right courses, institutions to universities across Australia. These remain top priorities.

What often goes missing is tackling the real issue - student visa continues to be the real challenge for international students who plan to study in Australia. It is probably the reason why many students have to wait longer for their visa grant. All it takes is time, patience and cooperation. It is not a distant reality as it ought to be. ‘How’ and ‘Where’ are often the questions arising in the minds of individuals who are unaware of the nitty-gritty of visa processes. To the many, these processes look complicated but can be handled effectively if appropriately addressed!

One of the ways by which the visa issue gets resolved amicably is by visiting an immigration enterprise and discussing different aspects with its team of experts. They are the best minds in the industry and among the individuals who will guide students regarding the latest Australian immigration policies.

It all depends on whether a student wants to study in Australia for a few months or a couple of years. If the visit is less than three months, they will recommend the student to apply for a visitor visa. Generally speaking, one of the visas that come to student’s assistance is Student Visa - subclass 500 that has its own set of procedures attached to it.

There are, however, no two ways to look into the visa criteria that elaborates on essential points. As an international student, you have to fulfil relevant points part of visa criteria. It is necessary to provide authorities with Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) written statement. The statement addresses reasons, purposes, course details, advantages and career prospects of international students who aspire to pursue their studies in Australia.

Besides, you can seek guidance from experts who brief you on how to attach a different set of documents in a proper order that is more based on relevant questions. They will also help you in case there are two or more questions with the connotations the same.


Given the choices, you have a complete list of visa details in front of you. These details meet your expectations. Preferences matter the most as each aspect specifies on the right courses and institutions.

Are you confused already? Are you unable to decide ‘Where’ to seek admission and ‘Which’ course can help you? Seek the best answers from immigration expert who eases every difficulty arising in your mind. Among visa details that can be summed up are as follows-

  • Crosscheck specific visa details with immigration authorities. Follow them equivocally with further information covering the university’s admission procedure, course details, academic qualifications, passport copy, and obtaining an excellent test score in English language requirements.

The experts provide a list of universities, institutions and courses that are of interest to you. You can choose them accordingly.

In case you want to ace your language scores, you can seek help from the experts who recommend you to the best tutors and coaches. You can also do it via the net by registering in an online IELTS coaching. In other words, it will enable you to shine in the exam. There is also PTE coaching conducted for those students who want to seek admissions in particular institutions.

  • As soon as your application with relevant details is accepted, you are bound to receive a CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) letter from the institute. In a way, it is authorities of the institute forwarding to you through an email.


It is time we focus on student visa criteria. Applying for an Australian student visa requires a lot of time, patience and cooperation as already discussed earlier. Though you have sought admission in the prestigious institution in Australia and eager to pursue a course of your liking, you have to focus on the vital issue, i.e. student visa.

Enlisted are key points-

  • International students require the visa as their courses extend over three months

  • In case you want to be an eligible visa holder, you have to furnish GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) requirements

  • Provide funds about tuition and admission fees, living expenses and airfare

  • What is essential is the letter of CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment) from institution authority

  • Obtain a test score of English language proficiency skills

  • Seek Overseas Student Health Cover - OSHC Australia

  • Fulfil criteria of health & character requirements

  • Submit proofs of sufficient funds


As per the provisions of the Department of Home Affairs, international students and family members have to possess health insurance cover. The cover has to include the entire period of their Australian stay. Choices are many - you can select the best plan, compare and decide which of the policy can cover your preferences etc.

In a nutshell, immigration experts have chalked out a plan by which you can realize your study dreams. Ensure you follow visa norms by seeking the help of immigration experts. Leave no stone unturned. It will benefit you in the long-run wherein you meet all aspirations to study in Australia!

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