I feel like, I am at that stage where, I'm like, realizing things. You know, my friends and I are realizing alot of things. I swear if you do not follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram or at least seen a few snippets of her app located in her Instagram bio, you should probably crawl into a ditch and remain there after reading this sentence. This week, you can like say, that like, I truly have been realizing a lot of things. I swear when you reach a certain age in you 20's, you go through a "revelation" period where you learn what you really want out of your life. It can be anything, financial freedom, travelling, starting a business, move to another city, or just flat-out be spontaneous. It occurred to me as I sat on a rooftop in Downtown Edmonton with two of my girlfriends, two bottles of wine, 2 Panago pizzas, plus another bottle of wine. It was June Wednesday 29th at 9:45ish. They looked at me and simply asked what was wrong. I looked at them dead in the face for this was a question that nobody has ever genuinely asked me and I just flat out told them what was wrong.


What's wrong was the fact that I wasn't living. Yes I am alive but am I really living?  Based on your answer, ask yourself this afterwards: Am I living for myself or for others? If you said "living for others" to the third question, that is what is wrong with this girl. As a young girl I was fortunate enough to have travelled to many places and live in the moment where I didn't have to carry my phone everywhere and take pictures of every freakin thing. In today's generation, we must capture the moments using technical resources that lie in the pals of our hands. And by the time we look up, we've missed out on something important and cannot relive it again. Last night while sitting down with my girlfriends, not once did I have to look up at my phone and provide the 63 people who view my snapchat a visual of what I am freakin doing. No! Why? Because I lived in the moment and took in every word and emotion that was thrown at me. I then thought bigger, I applied this notion to my years of existence and thought "Damn Camille, you're really missing out." There were dreams that I had about two years ago and I stuck with it until my mind became distracted by either my social life, blogging, and befriending some of the wrong people. From living in solitude for the past week or two, it has allowed me to channel my inner thoughts and figure out my goals, plus dreams that I have put aside.  I needed to start living in terms of attaining those goals so in that way I can learn more about myself and grow. Living your life vicariously through others and their instagram accounts only leads to misery. It can inspire you 100% but don't let it take away from wanting to live your life your way.

Seclude yourself for a bit, go for a walk, get in touch with nature and your creative side and slowly, things will fall into place in terms of your goals. Another method I learned when it comes to seeing the beauty in everything, put your phone down! Whether it's a night out with friends, a party, or any social gathering, enjoy it! Get a journal, write your thoughts down and don't share them with anyone but yourself. Damn, I would have never thought a Jenner would like, you know, help me realize things. Thanks Kylie... i think. 



Published by Camille MacLean