Feeling very pumped up right now!

Been feeling very overwhelmed with uni work lately but today I met with a friend of mine who was able to reset my brain to how I started the semester all pumped and motivated. And so I thought why not share this feeling with everyone?

If you ever find yourself questioning how you got to “this position”, if you’re at the point when frustration makes you question going to school, starting a job, starting a business, learning a new language, basically anything, ask yourself one question,


Say it out loud; you need to hear it. Once you have that reason, it becomes your fuel to keep pushing through the difficulties. I started the semester by trying to form a habit of studying every day to keep my head above water, at least on all my modules and it was going well, but somewhere after the 4th-5th week my motivation level dropped. A friend said I had burnt out and that was sort of my body/mind telling me to take a break then continue but of course, procrastination kicked in, and that’s when I started to relapse and just chill.

It’s been about two weeks now, and I know I’ve lost a lot of time but better late than give up. Luckily for me, I’ve been surrounded by positive minded friends who have helped me reiterate the importance of all the struggle and difficulties now. It is worth going through all this now being the foundation of my life than later when I should be living the rewards of all the hard work. This is the mentality I would like whoever is reading this to leave with, especially if you’re a millennial. Build a solid foundation now you’re young, surround yourself with positively, make friends who can speak life into your dreams by words of encouragement or even listening to you, be the best support you can be to them as well, it is important to reciprocate kindness. Remember that it’s okay to fall and be disappointed, I mean you’re human duh not a robot, BUT it must not end there. Get up and continue, the faster you’re on your feet, the faster you get to your goals.

Theresa xx

Published by Theresa Olloh