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Do you know Cleopatra uses rose water in her skin care regime??Have you ever wondered why rose water got a special place in every Indian home. Rosewater is one of the most important skin care product of a girl for her daily skin care regimen .So it is important to use rose water which is 100% pure and is free from harmful chemicals and colours and fragrances. Today I am sharing my recipe of making rose water at home using rose hydrosol.

Let’s know the benefits of rose water first…


*Rose water helps to maintain the skin’s pH balance and it removes excess oil from the skin.

*Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties which reduces the scars from the skin.

*Rose water acts as a natural hydrator for the skin. It revitalises and moisturises the skin.

*Rose water have antibacterial properties that heals the scars, cuts and wounds.

*Rose water have antioxidant properties too which helps to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.

*Rose water have astringent properties too which helps to clean pores and tone the skin.

*Rose Water have anti aging properties which retards skin age and reduces fine lines.

*The mesmerizing fragrance of the rose water uplifts your mood and can be is in aromatherapy.



Rose Hydrosol

Distilled Water


Dilute hydrosol in filtered water .Take 5:1 ratio to avoid itching.



*Rose water can be used a daily chemical free toner.

*Rose water when mixed with equal amount of glycerine can be used as a healer for dry and frizzy hair.

*Rose Water can be used to treat skin rashes caused due to sun exposure.

*Rose water can be used a water based night serum for summers. 

*Rose water can be used in summer drinks to increase their nutritional value.

*Rose water should be added for facial masks to impart hydrating skin.

*Rose water can be used to treat acne. Apply rose water on the acne using cotton balls.

*Rose water can be used as a mild cleanser for everyday use.

*If you are a victim of puff and tired eyes, then rose water can be used to reduce puffiness of eyes.

*Rose water can be used to remove make up as well.

*Rose water can be used to regular cream to enhance its properties.

*Rose water can be used as a post conditioner …Just rinse rose water after shampooing.  


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