You don’t have to take my word for it, I mean truth of the matter is who am I to tell anyone what to do right? Although I must say, one of my strengths is analyzing human behavior. The following are just my thoughts that I’ve come to the conclusion of from what I’ve seen and personally experienced. The reasons why people are lost and in a crisis…


People nowadays especially millennials like myself do not have a vision. They only think of the present or the past. I’m assuming it’s because they do not want to stress about what they will do after graduating from college or if they can land a stable job and such. I completely understand that a lot of us do not know what our dream job is and that’s totally fine. Most of us just want to have a stable job that pays serious money. However, the vision I am talking about is not just figuring out what your future job would be. I am talking about visualizing yourself 10 years from now. Do you see yourself having a spouse? Children? Do you see yourself living in the same country as you are currently? Do you want shred off some weight? Gain some weight? Having more friends or less? Find out what your vision is and when you do, create a To-Do/Goals list that will help you achieve your vision. I highly advise you to use the tool called Reverse Engineering. So once you figure out what your vision is, start working backwards from there. If your vision is to become the next big entrepreneur, then from there think backwards. How can you become the next big entrepreneur? You will need to think of a product or service that the people truly need. How would you create the product or service? Where will you get the initial capital to start your startup? Within your To-Do/Goals, you should have a time frame because this will allow you to be motivated to achieve your goals without any delays. It will also help you stay on track and it will be much more satisfying once you do achieve your goal within the time frame.

Financial Problems 

Money it can be a blessing to some and a disaster to most. With the U.S economy not doing so well right now, most Americans are going through financial problems. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck. We work jobs we do not enjoy because it simply pays the bills. The following are the responses I received; we can’t get the job we want because they won’t hire us. I don’t have time to learn the skills they require. It’s too much work. It’s too competitive in that industry. From those responses the only thought that came to my head was EXCUSES!


We complain about so many things in life. Yet we seem to do nothing about it. We complain about how most high paying jobs require tons of experience and skills. Nevertheless we rather spend most of our day scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter posts. We spend hours watching Netflix, YouTube videos, Korean Dramas and playing Pokemon GO. We would rather drink and rave than work towards our goals. Society has become lazy and soft. Our generation has become spoiled and ruthless. We expect things to be given to us without having to work for it because we deserve it, because others have it therefore we should be given the same thing. We want to take the easy route because we don’t want to put in the extra hard work. We live life as if we are going to die in our 30’s. We should be grinding in our 20’s working towards our dreams, building relationships and networking in our 30’s, and finally in our 40’s we can relax a bit and enjoy. However, most of us seem to be doing it backwards. We party and have fun in our 20’s concerned only about sex, drugs, and money without worrying about our future. Hence the term You Only Live Once. We tell ourselves that hopefully it will get better by next year yet our actions speak otherwise. Life is not a lottery, you can’t expect to get rich one day, or have six pack abs without putting in the work that is required to obtain such desires. You have to EARN it!

Mentally & Emotionally Weak And Unstable

From what I’ve noticed, people nowadays are mentally and emotionally unstable. We tend to blow up when things do not go our way. If something or someone annoys us we decide to yell and curse rather than figuring out a more passive and efficient solution. Most of us want to be the top dog, the one who everyone knows not to mess with. But what does violence resolve? Unless you are a professional fighter, I see no reason for you to be so proud of being able to physically harm another. Even when we know we are in the wrong instead of admitting our mistakes we tend to blame others and deny our mistakes. Our ego immensely consumes us that we would rather choose pride than humility. There are many reasons as to why we have become so ignorant and blind. One of them being that social media and news feeds us mostly nothing but negativity and corruption. We believe everything Facebook tells us without even finding out if the source is valid. Most of our news feed is filled with shootings regarding the police and foreign enemies. If not, then it most likely is talking about the Kardashian’s, Justin Bieber, or “Damn.. Daniel~”. We can blame the invention of smartphones since half of the time our eyes are glued onto the screen. However, we should not blame our phones because if we truly wanted to we could delete that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter app on our phones. We could optimize the use of our phones by using it for other means than social media.

However, I am not criticizing social media. In fact I appreciate social media and the wonders it can do. Because of Facebook and Twitter I am able to share this blog with people all over the world. It’s not the social media platforms I am blaming, but it is how you use these platforms that I am criticizing. Instead of watching street fights on WorldStarHipHop or scrolling through Vines and Reddit, you could be watching Ted Talks or any other influential/informative videos from highly intelligent successful people.

Lack of Knowledge

If you notice, every successful people are great at what they do. They are experts in their field. Unless they were born in a wealthy family and inherited such things, most likely they had to work hard to be at where they are now. You need to be an eager individual who has an infinite desire to keep learning. I am not telling you to learn everything the world has to offer, but the field that interests you should be a never ending learning experience. If you are the smartest person in a room then you are in the wrong room. New knowledge is only beneficial for you and will help you become a more overall developed person. I advise you to choose wisely. Maybe instead of spending the time to read the upcoming Harry Potter series, you could try spending the same time to read a book on how to manage your money or a new language.

Comparing Yourself To Others

As many of you know, Instagram is currently one of the hottest trends. People upload photos of their lavish lifestyles ranging from foods to travels. We look at these pictures of gorgeous looking males and females who seem to be living the perfect life. They eat delicious foods we wish we could try. They have clothes, accessories, and cars we want to buy. We envy everything they have and we start to question our own life. Why me? Why can’t I live that life? We have toxic desires such as wanting the most followers on Instagram, the nicest car, and any other materialistic items. We care more about showing off our ‘good’ life to our friends and to the public. We fake the ‘good’ life by taking a photo of  only the good parts we want the public to see. Do not be impressed by how much money someone has, how many degrees they have, how many followers they have, or how they look. But DO BE impressed by the character of a person; their generosity, kindness, integrity, authenticity, and integrity.

We lack gratitude. We are not grateful for what we have now. We complain about why we aren’t skinny enough, why we aren’t pretty enough, why we aren’t tall enough. We don’t realize that us being born into this world itself is a true blessing. The chances of us winning the lottery is greater than the chances of us being born. For those that are alive, healthy, and have four limbs please stop worrying about the little things and be grateful because there are people who are deaf, blind, and missing a limb or two. Always be grateful for what you have now because someone else out there is in a worst situation than you are, so stop complaining.

This method has been a great help for me when I get depressed or pessimistic. Everyday name 3 things you are grateful for that day. This will help you reprogram your brain and I can guarantee that your outlook on life will change for the better. You will be one step closer to a happier life.


Published by daniel lee