As much as we all wish and could just say that balding is a sign of getting older, and one won’t experience it until stepping into adult years, we can’t! Hair loss has been progressively seen increasing in teen boys, a very common occurrence nowadays and there could be few possible causes behind it.


A Healthy Life Does Matter

If you are in your teens and experiencing hair loss then there are a few possibilities as to why it is happening. You may have some underlying health problems which you are not yet aware of. This article isn’t meant to scare you, but regardless of it, if you happen to notice excessive hair loss it should be brought into your doctor’s attention immediately.

How Important Is To Maintain A Healthy Diet?

It could be a result of your unhealthy lifestyle you lead. Poor diet, smoking, drinking and etc, all have their own equal hands in reasons behind your hair loss. One of the most contributing factors is smoking. Yes. Smoking Cause Hair Loss. You sit around with your friends enjoying the night eating pizza, smoking and drinking, but you may want to start thinking twice on some of your diet and food choices.

If you wake up one morning and find out that you have an oval or round patches of bald skin on your scalp, you may the condition of Alopecia Areata. This condition occurs when your own body immune system fails to identify and attacks your hair follicles. Doctors are not sure what causes this condition or how to treat it, but leading a healthy lifestyle and proper diet and exercising, one can combat hair loss to some extent.


Causes For Hair Loss In Young Males

If you’re one of those men who take pride in their looks inherited from their genes, this may be one of the reasons for your early teen hair loss. If you tend to use chemicals on your hair like dyes or coloring or have undertaken treatments for your hair styling, it can also be a cause behind your loss of hair. Certain hairstyles need forces and fiction to create that exerts pressure on your hair. Hairstyles such as cornrows, rock tight styles, straightening can also be another reason behind your hair loss.

Your diet and lifestyle as said above can seriously affect other aspects of your health as well other than putting on weight. Teenage boys are usually prone to putting on extra weight due to leading unhealthy and indiscipline life. From fast food pizzas to burgers and late nights, your body is getting denied sleep and proper nutrients or fibers.  

This can cause hair loss since when your body is getting denied important proteins and nutrients, your body tends to replace them by using the protein taken from your hair.

How To Prevent Or Turn Around Hair Loss

As mentioned earlier, hair loss is usually considered to be the sign of aging. However, in recent times, it has seen that it can occur at any age. This early age includes as early as in teenage years. A not very comforting thing to know. Usually, teenage hair loss is temporary and grows back once the cause of it is been determined and treated.

  • Eat Better Every Day

Poor eating habits can put stress in your health in more ways. It is necessary to make sure that proper intake of nutrients and proteins, minerals and vitamins are taken for your hair and body to grow. Try replacing your fast foods with things like vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and meats.  

  • Seek Proper Medication

With proper medications prescribed by your doctor, you can help in reducing hair fall rate. There are some medications such as blood pressure, blood thinners and gout medications and high Vitamin A levels are to be avoided if not necessary since they also play a contributing factor to your hair loss.

If you are seeking for hair regrowth and reduce hair fall, you can try our world’s first hair regrowth product HAIR FAST. Hair Fast strengthens the roots and promotes hair growth by compelling the hair follicles to enter the growing phase.

  • Treat Hormone Imbalances

If your hair loss is due to hormonal conditions such as hypothyroidism, it is important to set your hormonal balance right. Our body has both male hormones, androgens, and female hormones, estrogen. When there is an imbalance in the ratio of both these hormones, this leads to hair loss.

If you are in your teens and experiencing hair loss. Don’t panic. Most of the time hair fall is temporary and brought into effect by something. If you happen to suffer from hair loss, you can call us in for a free consultation.

Published by Bikash Burnwal