Everyday, whenever I am done with studying, I would like to pick a pen and write something or turn on my laptop and type happily. But it's not always the same. Sometimes I type unstoppably what is happening inside my mind, sometimes I waste much time looking for what I should write. Guess, the reason is that I have no idea how to begin a story or I'm not in mood, I have no inspirations at that time. Writing sucks.

In high school, I did not like writing, even hate. I thought it was a waste of time and nonsense. In any writing tets, both in Vietnamese and English, I was usually  on the bottom top of my class getting good marks. My mother, a Literature teacher, always complained. She said I did not get her gene. Writing sucks.

I created my blog months ago. I posted my photos with my stories on them. I had times not writing too long. Once I thought I stopped my blog because no one would read. Recently, I have been visting some sites of top bloggers, it makes me want to stop again because no one wants my writing. Writing sucks. 

So what? I still write everyday, I do not want to stop, I can not stop. Maybe my articles are not beautiful, but just think I am practising then they are going to be beautiful. Because I know the reasons I have been writing.

1. I have a short term memory: I forget people's name whom I just met some days before, I forget what I was doing the days before, I even forget what a girl hating me yelled at me. Maybe I do not need that kind of memory, but I need the feelings of it. So, I write them down.

2. I do not know it suits me or not, I am trying: I write diary everyday, I read articles everyday. Am I born to write? I decide to write while waiting for the answer. 

3. It is my habit and it's hard to give up: I do write everyday, either with pen or with computer. Giving up is somehow difficult though I did give up several times on my relationship or my study. But with writing, I have to admit, it is hard since I have no giving-up feelings about it.

4. I do not know. Don't ask me.

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