Stands have revolutionized as a form presentation design to a large extent, and in Istanbul, the people want to make a push for becoming the primary tech powerhouse in the region. With the recent boom of tech conferences, summits, showcases, conventions, conferences, and trade shows, there have been no shortage in demand for the quick turnover production of a stand,  to be used only once in some cases. Despite this, they no longer fit the description of just existing as an oversized two dimensional piece of cardboard: they have rooms, lounges, bars, 3d holograms, conversational robots, etc. But with over 500 Stand contractors in Istanbul to choose from, there will be at least one contractor available who can produce exactly what is asked for.  Here are some reasons why taking the time to find the right one maximizes your experience at trade shows.

A rewarding experience from a trade show begins with the quality of your stand

If you need a mini-lounge surrounded by makeshift walls on the inner perimeter of your stand for conducted quick meetings or sharing a slightly longer, more private, developed pitch for the future of your company. The stand becomes a magnetic field, attracting individuals who want to learn more, offer insights, share related experiences, and much more.

As you put your best foot forward, you will see realistically how you stack up with potential competitors.

A test to determine whether, in startup terms, you’re ‘in the weeds,’ can be the ability to transform a mission statement and white papers into a concise, yet impressive and impactful, summarization of the company. The common trappings of this logic is the its lead It’s not adopting the ‘talk to me like I’m nine’ argument. Companies only deem the attendance of a trade show or convention of a valuable use of time if they learn something from it. If they acknowledge the  strengths and weaknesses of their peers, especially in an environment where so much digestible information is all in one place, they will deduce learning experiences left and right

Amateur Design Sensibilities can be intuitively felt; it is innate, and leaves a bad impression

Sometimes when you see a stand, or anything that is designed to capture the eye and present information, you just don’t like it’s design. But usually, one can differentiate their impressions of a stand being unappealing from a stand being amateur. With the former, it is clear that a great deal of effort was made in creating the stand. Also, it can give off the impression that while it is not appealing to me, it may be appealing to others – a sentiment which reveals that the stand is uninviting, or uninteresting. Without the guidance of a decided design specialist, the supposed effectiveness of stands could be praised or unduly scrutinized under the 'colorblind principle': no one who

Have a Headline, or at least a tagline beyond the name of your company

In less than a sentence – about one six to seven word phrase – you want a headline that answers questions, engages audiences, and engenders curiosity. You want the headline of the stand to impart three thoughts onto the attendee who reads it:

  1. I know what they do.

  2. I can tell they’re professional(a positive bias from a good-looking stand).

  3. But HOW do they do what they do?

The third question sparks in the reader a desire to go up to the stand and engage further. In a certain regard, that’s the best possible outcome: you’ve caused the attendee to single your stand out from all of the others and is now focusing on it on its own. But then what?

Have helpful, knowledgeable, charismatic staff members – ideal members high up in the career ladder – to communicate with any stopping passerby’s. This will clarify any lingering questions the passerby may have, at the very least. Additionally, staff will also pique even more interest in the passerby. Who knows where it could lead once that happens?

Published by Matthew Piggot