Hey guys it's me, back yet again with another blog post! So I'm getting ready to leave for college. I'm 18 years old. And yet, I've never, ever, EVER had a boyfriend. Never. I've never even been close. I started thinking, why not? And so I came up with this short list of reasons why I don't have a boyfriend that I hope will aid me in some way.

  1. I'm shy...too shy - yeah this is definitely a problem. I just don't like talking and get nervous around people. I guess it's like an anxiety thing (?) but I'm slowly getting better. And it's only at first, once I get comfortable around someone I don't shut up, you can ask my friends.
  2. I wish every guy was like the male characters I read about in all the books I read - another definite problem. Not every guy can be a Harry Potter or an Augustus Waters (The Fault in Our Stars) or a Sam Henry (Catching Jordan) and I get way too caught up in the books I read and want a guy like the ones in my books instead of the ones in real life. But I guess I can't have a wizard boyfriend.
  3. I'm so busy - okay, probably not a legit reason, but I think it plays a big part. When I was in high school (heehee that sounds weird) I always had something going on, cheerleading practices, dance classes, school club meetings, extracurricular. Maybe now that I'm in college and won't be cheering I'll have more time to find a boyfriend.
  4. My dad's a cop - okay this is a legit thing. Like part of me thinks that a lot of the guys I know are honestly scared of my dad and that's why nothing ever happens with them. Don't get me wrong I love having a police officer dad and big brothers and I think that if you want to be with me you have to be okay with that. My dad's like any other girl's dad, he just wants the best for me (well, and he can take people to jail).
  5. I like the wrong guys - okay so I feel like my mom might read this article so let me clear things up. I don't go for the 'bad guys'; the ones who are always in trouble for something or are just bad guys. When I say I go for the 'wrong guys' I mean I go for the super popular guys that every other girl likes. And I'm sure that if my mom is reading this, she's thinking 'oh but Dallas you ARE popular!' but there's a difference between being well-known around school and being popular. I'm more well-known than popular. Anyways, I always go for the guys that everyone knows and likes and all the girls find attractive, and who probably don't know I exist, instead of the ones who aren't as popular and might be like me...just well-known. Those guys probably do know I exist, but I'm too busy with the popular boys to see them.
  6. I look for kind of a lot in guys - and it's far beyond looks and physical characteristics. I want a guy who has a strong religious faith. A guy who is determined. Who is both book smart and street smart. A guy who cares more for others than for himself. One who looks for more important things than how pretty a girl is when looking for a girlfriend. One who treats everyone equally and isn't well, a jerk. See, these things don't seem like too much to ask for when I write them out, but finding someone who matches even two of these things is kind of difficult.

So as you  can see, these are just a few of the reasons I came up with. And maybe this post will help me in the future or maybe it'll help someone else. Who knows? All I know is that obviously God is saving me for someone special and I just haven't found that person yet. Maybe when I go off to school I'll meet a guy and he'll have all the qualities I'm looking for and I'll realize that it was okay I went through all my school years without a boyfriend.

Anyways, that's all for now! Make sure to follow my personal blog over at lifeofateenchick.wordpress.com! Until next time homies!

-xxx, dallas

Published by Dallas Gomez