In the past Yoga was considered more than just an exercise regime, in fact, it was adopted as a way of life. Practicing Yoga was dedicating your entire life to it, which included your eating habits, bathing methods, the way you interacted socially as well as the ways in which you carried out your work life.

According to recent surveys, more than 15 million people all over the world have been practicing this ancient tradition. If you or someone you know is interested in learning yoga so you can teach it to others as well, then there is a large number of Yoga teacher training retreats present that will help you start off your yoga training.

Every yoga pose or more accurately known as asana has its own specific name and purpose. Based on the postures such as backbends, inversions and various standing positions you can energize your body, mind as well as aid in improving your bodily functions such as breathing, digestion, metabolism, etc. While each pose provides you with a benefit on its own, adopting Yoga training as a lifestyle will help improve your overall health and increase your life expectancy in general. Some of the other benefits of yoga are.

Yoga helps lower your stress level

Most people swear that practicing yoga is better than visiting a therapist. Meditation is an integral part of yoga and it is known to tone down the constant nagging at the back of your mind. Yoga aims to relax and reduce your stress level. Specific breathing exercises will help you increase the amount of oxygen your brain receives hence making you calmer as well as clear-headed.

Yoga helps you lose weight

The everyday stressors of life, as well as the unhealthy stagnant lifestyle, can cause one to gain weight. While most health regimes would only emphasize on eating healthy and exercising vigorously. Adopting yoga as a way of life will help you make the change from within. It will help you de-stress your life, improve your eating habits as well as help your body lose the weight naturally which will also ensure that it stays off for sure!

Yoga increases flexibility and muscle strength

While it may be difficult to stretch your muscles at first, but like any other exercise regime, practice will make you perfect. On the bright side, yoga isn’t as aggressive as other exercises and you will be allowed to stretch out your muscles in a calm and positive environment. Above all, yoga is a complete body exercise. Through a combination of meditation and yoga asanas, you will be able to move your joints and ligaments more easily. In the long run, yoga will help strengthen your muscles, improve your core strength as well as tone your muscles and give you a more agile and flexible body.

Moreover, yoga will help you increase your confidence, improve your posture and enable you to lead a more fulfilling and healthy life.

Published by Qais Ahmadi