'The Rise Of Votes For Women. Rule Breakers. Risk Takers. Rebel Women. Law Makers. A celebration of women rallying around the globe to win the vote.

A beautifully illustrated celebration of the brave campaigners who fought for women's right to vote. Discover that it was never illegal for women to vote in Ecuador, or how 40,000 Russian women marched through St Petersburg demanding their rights. Find out how one Canadian woman changed opinions with a play, and Kuwaiti women protested via text message. And learn that women climbed mountains, walked a lion through the streets of Paris, and starved themselves, all in the name of having a voice. Tracing its history from New Zealand at the end of the 19th century, follow this empowering movement as it spread from Oceania to Europe and the Americas, than Africa and Asia up to the present day. Meet the women who rioted, rallied and refused to give up.'

This book was fantastic.

I absolutely loved this book. The moment I got it in my hands I didn't want to let it go. I read it in one sitting and have read it multiple times already.

The information in this book was perfectly laid out in chronological order. There is more than enough information in this book to and inform and spark an interest in this subject.

I loved reading about the individual woman who sparked the movements in various countries.

Louise Kay Stewart's writing was clear and concise, with a real dose of passion radiating off the pages. I was genuinely excited turning every page, and disappointed when I came to the end of the book.

Not only was this book a great source of information, it was overflowing with amazing illustrations.

Eve Lloyd Knight's breathtakingly beautiful illustrations perfectly complimented Louise Kay Stewart's passionate writing. I was honestly overwhelmed by the artistically captivating illustrations on display in this book. So much so, that I spend an unusually long amount of time studying each pages illustrations.

I honestly don't have a bad word to say about this book. I am so glad that I read it, that I own it and that I can re-read it as many times as I want in the future.

Rebel Voices by Louise Kay Stewart and Eve Lloyd Knight is a truly wonderful book that every one should read. Young, Old, Male or Female, this book should be read by all.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker