The Kansas City Chiefs took over 1st place in the AFC West by beating the Oakland Raiders last night 21-13. Let's check in and see how my Start/Sit picks did in yesterday's game.


I liked Derek Carr and even against a good Kansas city defense I thought he'd be a good START; Man was I wrong. Carr threw for just 117 yards. He also ran the football 2 times for 3 yards. Carr was also sacked 1 time. Carr's 2.64 fantasy points won't be much help for his fantasy owners this week.

Alex Smith didn't light up the fantasy scoreboard either, but at least I had him as a SIT. Smith ended up with 9.13 fantasy points. He threw for 264 yards and ran 4 times for 3 yards and caught 1 pass for 3 yards. Smith was sacked 1 time, threw 1 interception and lost a fumble in the game.

I wasn't confident enough in Latavious Murray to start him yesterday and I should've. Murray carried the football 22 times for 103 yards and a touchdown. He was a SIT for me, but with 21.80 fantasy points Murray is going to be a good running back this week.

I wasn't sold on Spencer War either and at least that one I was right on. Ware had 20 carries for 56 yards and 1 receptions for 7 yards. Ware ended up with 12.05 fantasy points in the night and while that's a solid total having him as a SIT was the right call.

Since I liked Derek Carr I was all in on Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. I had both of the Raiders receivers as START last night and I was way, way off here. Cooper was targeted 10 times, but had just 5 catches for 29 yards. Crabtree was targeted 7 times ended up with 4 catches for 21 yards. Cooper scored 6.65 fantasy points while Crabtree was good for 5.10 fantasy points. OUCH!

Jeremy Maclin was returning from injury and that was part of the reason I had him as a SIT. Maclin was targeted 3 times; catching just 1 pass for 16 yards. Hopefully Maclin was on your bench as well since his 2.35 fantasy points won't be a lot of help to you this week.

Tyreek Hill was the Chiefs receiver I had as a START and that paid off. Hill was targeted 6 times catching all 6 passes for 66 yards and a touchdown. Hill also ran the football 1 time for 2 yards and had a 124 return yards and a return touchdown. Hill's only negative was that he lost a fumble, but his 25.28 fantasy points makes up for that.

Chris Conley was a surprise in Week 13, but I had him as a SIT last night and I hope you did as well. Conley was targeted 3 times catching 2 passes for 70 yards. Conley ended up with 8.50 fantasy points last night. Unless your league is very deep Conley's total won't be much help.

Tight End:

Clive Walford doesn't see a lot of passes in this Raiders offense; so he was an easy SIT for me. Walford did get 3 targets last night catching 2 passes for 21 yards. Keeping Walford on the bench was a good move as he scored just 3.60 fantasy points.

Travis Kelce is one of the better tight ends in the NFL and is a must START every week. Kelce saw 8 targets last night and caught 5 of them for 101 yards. While Kelce didn't end up with a huge fantasy point total his 14.10 will be good enough for your tight end position this week.

Defense/Special Teams:

Oakland scored 9.41 fantasy points last night. I had them as a SIT and this is a borderline number, but I think you'll be able to find better scoring Defense/Special teams units this week. Oakland had a sack, an interception and 2 fumble recoveries. I had the Raiders as a SIT and I think that's where they belonged.

Kansas City scored 19.13 fantasy points last night. I had them as a START and I think that was the right choice. The Chiefs had a sack to go along with 172 return yards and a return touchdown and they only gave up 13 points.

Well it looks like I hit on 9 picks and missed on 4 picks in yesterday's game. I hope your night went just as well or better and you got off to a great start to your week. Thank you for taking the time to check in and see how my picks did and good luck with the rest of Week 14.   

Published by John Burke