Punjabi culture is one of the oldest in the history of the subcontinent. Brought to the subcontinent by the Indo-Aryan. The Punjabi literature and poetry is filled with tales and poems that are still considered to epic. The tales of SohniMahiwal, HeerRanjha, and Mirza Sahiban is the product of the aesthetic work done by our Punjabi forefathers and are the still as fresh as they were, in the past. The works of Baba FariduddinGanjShakar, Guru Nanak and Bulleh Shah are still reminisced and recognized over the history.

The similar culture is taken forward by the new Punjabi songs of today's era and are listened and loved even by the non-Punjabis. The sweetness of Punjabi language can always be heard over the lyrical and musical arrangements of Punjabi sound tracks. Punjabi songs have a unique rhythm and music that is used even by the Western musicians to intermix it with their Western-cultured musical arrangements, and surprisingly the product is an extremely exquisite and hit song, a form of artistry that soothes the listener and allows him to be influenced by it. Punjabi folk songs provide a sense of meditation to the soul and the listener gets carried away in the ecstatic feel.

Well, over the decades Punjabi songs and music has evolved into a completely different form of art and is still getting the love of the people from around the globe due to its unique new variation. A new genre of Punjabi songs has been opened by Yoyo Honey Singh and Badshah through Punjabi rap songs that are being released. The new Punjabi songs of 2018 are some of the biggest hits of Punjabi music industry. They were liked by a huge audience and were really making people dancing to its beats with what Punjabi call as “Bhangra” and do “Thumkas”.

Some of the new Punjabi songs 2018 include Guru Randhawa's “Patola” and Badshah's “TereNalNachna”. Other than that “Tareefan”, “DilChori” and “Chote Chote Peg”. These have been liked and rated by the Indian and international audience. This new and modern variation in the Punjabi music culture has turned a new page. Indian media is still exploring and experimenting with this side of Punjabi song culture. More songs and soundtracks are on its way to set the people on the roll.

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Published by Kimberly Smith