Synopsis: Despite claims to the contrary, Las Vegas remains one of the more violent cities in America.

A two-year-old boy is one of the latest victims of gun violence in Las Vegas. A violent 20-hour span in the Las Vegas Valley left three people dead and injured a 3-week-old infant.

The 2-year-old was killed Wednesday morning while playing with children in an apartment of a northeast valley apartment complex. The child, a boy, was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel.

Five children all under twelve were playing when one came across a gun and shot the toddler. The child who killed the toddler was about 10-years-old according to a police spokesperson.

Three of the children in the room fled the scene.

The toddler's mother was talking to a neighbor when the shot was fired. They weren't able to save the child.

Just a few hours before, another shooting left a man dead and an infant in the hospital. A 40-year-old man was murdered in a shooting which resulted from a domestic dispute.

Law enforcement was called after the man, and his girlfriend got into an argument. The victim's brother-in-law retrieved a gun and shot the man.

According to Metro spokesman Lt. Ray Spencer, the man had been choking his infant when he was shot. Both were taken to Sunrise Hospital where the man died. The infant will survive.  According to the police report, when the girlfriend's brother fired, the bullet went through the man's chest and hit the infant in the stomach.

A few hours later, a 60-year-old female was shot and killed outside her home. The woman, with her husband, was returning from work when they spotted a suspicious vehicle in their drive. As the couple got out of their car, two men came out of the house, spotted the couple and opened fire. The woman died at the scene. The two thieves took the couple's car and left.

The deaths marked the 71st, 72, and 73rd murders investigated by Las Vegas Metro PD and the 85th, 86th and 87th inside Clark County. 2018 has not been kind to Vegas.

October Mass Shooting

Las Vegas' MPD released its 2017 statistics in January claiming the reflected a decrease in violent crime.

"We opened last year dedicated to reducing violent crimes, and we were able to keep that promise," Sheriff Joe Lombardo said to reporters. "We have more to do, but we're ging in the right direction."

According to the statement, Metro's murder statistics did not include the 58 concertgoers who were fatally shot Oct. 1 on the Las Vegas Strip.

When questioned why the massacre numbers were excluded, a department spokesman, "Federally, you don't have to report as it's a mass casualty incident."

The spokesperson denied a request for an interview Thursday with Lombardo.

A tweet from the department proclaiming the "decrease in violent crime in 2017" quickly drew rebukes. Some thought it insensitive.

"Um… the WORST shooting in American history took place in October. What?" one person wrote.

"This is an insult to this country and the people who died that night. Don't pat yourselves on the back wow," another wrote

Published by Calida Jenkins