This book it's set in a world that two kind of humans exists; the normal ones (RED) and the meta-humans (SILVER).

The silver rule the world and the red are working for them. Until they discover a red girl with silver power. 

Well, this book it is very political and war like. Of course, to top it up there had to be some kind of love triangle and finish it with Ultimate betrayal a little game of thrones influenced.  

I heard so much about this book and finally I am writing the review now. I have to say I excepted to be more spectacular, it didn't blow my mind, but the plot it is interesting in a subtle way  it keeps you want to know what happens with the story.

I am glad that the book focuses on the actual rebellion of the red rather than the romantic side. Writers can get carried away; Victoria has done a good job on illustrating the situation between Red and Silver.

I will be reading the all of the books, soon you will get part two reviewed. 

Published by Elektra Bakhshov