If you are like most of the homeowners, you know what an exciting project redecorating your kitchen can be. One of the most important things you will have to do when redecorating is to make sure your kitchen follows all the newest trends. More and more homeowners decide to use their appliances as focal points of their kitchen which is definitely something you should aim at as well. And if you’re wondering how to do this – here is a list of 5 things you can do that are guaranteed to help you use any kitchen gizmo as a focal point.

Adjust the Lighting

Lighting can play a crucial role when it comes to creating focal points. Luckily, there are plenty of lighting options that go well with just any kitchen. Track lighting is a popular choice among the homeowners and is guaranteed to do the trick when trying to make your appliances stand out. You can have your track light leading to your fridge or any other appliance you want. This is guaranteed to look great, especially during the evening hours.

Paint over Your Cabinets

When using appliances as focal points, you should always try adjust the looks of your kitchen cabinets according to them. Sometimes, this might even mean you will have to repaint your cabinets. This is a project you can do yourself even if you don’t have much experience in painting. Just make sure you get enough paint and a few brushes in different sizes. It’s also recommended that you start by getting just one can of paint and use it to test whether that’s the color you wanted.

Get Rid of the Clutter

We all tend to keep clutter around our kitchen. Still, if you want to use appliances as focal points you should get rid of any clutter around them. Try to find another place where you’re going to keep your cleaning products and paper towels or simply keep them in your cabinets. And there’s no need to say that you should never leave dirty dishes laying around your kitchen. Minimalistic design is in, so not only will de-cluttering help you highlight your appliances but it will also add more style to your kitchen.

Update the Appliances

If you want your appliances to be focal points of your kitchen, you will have to make sure they are working properly. So, if there’s anything wrong with any of your appliances, make sure you have professionals deal with it for you. Also, if you’ve been using the same appliances for years, it might be a good idea to think about whether you should have them replaced. There are many sources, like this article, where you can find out whether you should say goodbye to your fridge or try to have it repaired.

Install a Tile Backsplash

Installing a tile backsplash can have a big impact on what your kitchen is going to look like. And if your appliances are dark, you should go for a white tile backsplash – and vice versa. This way, your appliances won’t blend in with the rest of the kitchen which is something you should definitely aim at. Installing large rectangular tile is a quite a trend right now, so make sure you give that idea some thought.

Do all of the abovementioned things and your kitchen is guaranteed to look great. Of course, this can be quite a large project to take on, so you can think about doing it in stages. This will help you save both time and money while getting the same results.


Published by Emma Lawson