In an effort to retain standout Quarterback Kirk Cousins, The Redskins have used their franchise tag which prevents other team from signing the QB before a deal can be reached.  While both sides are continuing to work on a long term contract, the use of the franchise tag guarantees Cousins $19.95 million next season.  If the Redskins are unable to sign Cousins to a long term contract by July 15th, the Quarterback will play under the tag if he chooses not to sign with another team.  Both Cousins and the Redskins have expressed their mutual desire in signing a deal, but as of now the two sides seem to be far from reaching an agreement.

The tag still allows Cousins to sign with another team but as a result Washington would get two first round draft picks in return.  However Cousins’ high price tag and giving up two first round choices would be a large sum for such a young player who has only one full season under his belt.  Cousins was drafted as a backup for first round pick Robert Griffin III, who himself had a good season with Washington before becoming yesterday’s news and is currently leaving the franchise.  If another team were to sign Cousins, the same flop potential would be present as turned out to be the case when Washington invested in RG III.  After all, Cousins hardly looked like a franchise player during the first six games last season, throwing eight interceptions during the stretch before finishing strong and leading his team to the playoffs.  Interceptions have been an issue with Cousins, however the QB seems to have shaken off his early woes and in the last ten games he has thrown 23 touchdown and just 3 interceptions.  The Redskins have made it clear that Cousins is their guy and long term starter and had even discussed giving him a deal before his and the team’s turnaround mid-season.  Cousins has not made any public statements regarding a deal one way or another, but to most it seems clear that he wants to return to Washington under a fair and favorable deal.        

Published by Ville Iso-Ahola