*This post is taken from WordPress on May 30, 2016.

On the first day, I had about 3,600 words. That was 3 chapters. I was working on the fourth chapter for days 2 and 3. I finally finished it. I don’t know why it was so hard, but I just kept getting a writers block on chapter 4

So today on day 4, I copied and paste the chapters I’ve written which are 5-8. Yeah, I kinda had skipped chapter 4 since I had a writers block. So now in total, I have 15330 words.


When I first wrote this, I honestly didn't start on chapter 1. I actually started on chapter 7. I wrote chapter 2, then I moved onto chapter 1. But that was before I started documenting it. Chapter 1 was the hardest to write, so it did take me a lot of time. I felt like I breezed through chapter2 quickly. All I had to do was go back and fix misspelled words and grammar. Chapter 3 and 4 was also a little challenging. My characters were still young (started off age 5, then went to 13). I believe that I was anxious to start writing when they get older. Also, when a lot of drama was going to happen.

My first intention wasn't for me to post daily. I was going to do it weekly. But I felt that if I did it that way, it would make me lazy. I would have wasted time and done it on the last day. So that's why my posts were together. I started posting it separately on Day 5. 

I can really see I came a long way. I was still trying to figure out how I was doing Daily writing. Knowing that I've done 41 days of Daily Writing makes me proud. Don't give up!

Hold on tight, we're writing something great!

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