You Are Being Called to Dive Deeper. This is the message I have for you today.
Each day, there are millions of headlines attempting to divert our attentions from our life's purpose. Normal I ignore responding to a particular headline. Today, I felt compelled to write a spiritual slant on the video on the Polish First Lady and Trump handshake. 
Regardless of how it appears on the video and why this First Lady did not break her choreography to avoid embarrassing Trump, most people know it is standard protocol for the first ladies to greet each other first, then turn and greet head of states. There's a spiritual reasons for that too. Touch passes on energy to and from other people. Watch a few videos of other first ladies you will quickly understand how this protocol works. These meetings are highly ritualized for a purpose. A handshake is a spiritual tool, but to understand this, you must study the elements, how thoughts create things, and how energy is passed from one person to another. I cannot go into that hear, but may do so at a later date.
​Here's the gest of it. The human being is 75% or more water. By now, some of you already know that your thoughts program the "water" within your body.  These chemical messages when in contact with another person can effect the other person. In some cultures, it is well known that good luck and bad luck can be passed on by touch. For example, royalty do not shake hands with commoners, and in some cases not even with other heads of state. These chemical messages that are shared through touch are part of the subtle energies realms. For this reason and many others, a handshake is not just a handshake, it is an spiritually intimate act. For heads of states, this is vital.  You may find the older the culture, the greater the understanding of how touch works to pass on spiritual energy.  In the US, formalities are exchanged for comfort.
...heads of state are symbolic embodiments of their countries, and the greeting gesture is itself symbolic. If they improvise mistakenly, they can expect a spontaneous outburst of American disdain. Miss Manners
While Americans are notorious for breaking protocol. the rest of the world is not. What is clear is that the inflammatory tones of news headlines guides many to feel and act a certain way. Basically they lead many to a particular diversion or response. Just read some of the headlines, they are clearly trying to get a rise out of people. If this is hard to see, you may need to take a break from the news for a while as a test. But why would they do this? That is another subject. 
What I can say is that it is a magician tricks of the hands to focus your attention (Chi/Energy/Ase) towards a particular arena. What most may not realize is that is doesn't matter if you are for or against anything. Both energies serves one purpose, feeds an intention which is often hidden from your view.  While I know some of you won't fall for it, many still watch the news, ready the papers and still fall for this trap.
A trap that dares you to act emotionally, like the children in the playground laughing at unfortunate incidents of another child.  If you step back briefly, you will understand what I mean. This is the theatre of the insane. We are urged to clap here, boo here, frown here and so on. The Magician holds the sign and many follow on instinct without stopping to ask a vital question. How does this help me or my community move forward? Is this a cheap trill with no beneficial outcomes? How does this benefit our  greatest good?
Learning to stop watching the magician's hand takes practice. But it is worth it. We may find what are we miss while distracted may actually impact our lives much more.  Instead of allowing headlines to move us to throwing sand at each others faces, we may want to ask why is the news media reporting on something so menial?
The Magician is one of the most important deck in the Tarot. We can learn to use it, instead of it using us, we gain inner self control. With enough practice, we may even learn to master our emotions. When used effectively, our inner magician will change our perspective and angles towards a desired outcome. It is up to us to decide which angle is good or bad for us. Some people find it useful to use external angles or angels or Orisa, and other similar entities. The effect is the same a degree of change that allows us to see a different perspective - one that supports us and aligns us with a higher purpose. Let us remember, the magician also reminds us that we are empowered to use our free will to take a different path. We too can use the slight of hands to turn things in our favor.
While the video of a missed handshake or pat on the back may appear funny, it actually is a lesson for us all. While laughing at an obvious faux pas may bring temporary comfort, it suggest a deeper ill. Why are you so easily entertained by someone else's misfortune? I find this gives us clues to our own inner work. Does it reflect a first chakra imbalance? Does it show us how social engineering works daily to keeps us in our lower chakras?  What do you think?
I suggest when presented with these types of news, videos, and commentaries we use them to dive deeper. Learn the why behind the headlines. For example, why are ritual protocols are in place and who designs them. When did a ritual come into being. You may find they are intended to manipulate environments and structure controls by manipulating the elements - earth, air, water, fire. Simple actions that  leads the observer into a deeper journey. You may also find a few of these protocols may in fact be useful in your own life and how you govern your own domain.
I know this is not a sexy topic when presented in this way. However, if you keep in mind ritual protocol and etiquette are great tools for learning how to control your spiritual environment you may find gems among many (spirit)ritual and protocols being used everyday.
Irmina Tutu
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Published by Irmina Tutu