Schiltach is by far my favourite town in the Black Forest so far, and trust me, my whole trip is basically just visiting lots of little towns inside the Schwarzwald. It's the town that's been burned down so much throughout history, but has been the most meticulously restored. It's like a chock-a block of half timbered housing. What makes this place even more special is that it's at the confluence of two rivers- Kinzig and Schiltach rivers. There's something really soothing about the continuous sound of flowing water.


Everyone spends so much time near the water- camping next to it, eating by it, or even reading a book while your feet are dipped in it. This town's famous for its timber production, and has a long history of it. There's so much to love about Schiltach that I can go on forever...

IMG_6683.JPG Hiking

I never thought I'd say this, but, my tip would be to not use Schiltach as a base for hiking. My one-day hike here involved turning into a ninja to cross electric fences, bashing through shrubs at knee height, and getting bitten by mysterious bugs (first time I've been bitten here in Germany).


But hey, if you want travel disaster stories, do it! Anyway, there's so much to love in Schiltach already that you'll lose your track of time before you even embark on a hike.

IMG_6680.JPG Hiking track

Please, I hope you'll visit this little jewel in the Black Forest.


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