On average, the majority of English people use the shower for five to ten minutes a day. If you do the math, that translates to up to 3,650 minutes a year or more than 60 hours in the bathroom.

Even if the time you spend in the bathroom is not as substantial as, say, the hours you spend sleeping in the bedroom or driving every day to work, you should not take for granted the time in the bath. After all, hygiene is also an essential part of your life.


Revitalising your routine

Using the shower every day and soaking in your freestanding bath on the weekends can become tedious because they are part of a routine. There are strategies that you can apply to avoid the boredom from settling in.


 Mix and match tiles

Break the monotony by using patterned or multi-colored tiles to accentuate wall edges, ceilings, or parts of the floor. Mosaic tiles are even better alternatives to patterned tiles.


Move bathroom furnishings

Repurpose old furniture, re-arrange bathroom furnishings, or, if you have the budget for it, purchase new bathroom furnishings. It does not have to be luxurious freestanding tubs or steam showers—adding a refreshing look to your bathroom may only require a new rug, a darker colored shower curtain, or a larger hanging mirror.

• “Dress up”

Think of your bathroom as your outfit for the day: if you know that green would go well with your boots, then you should also know that you can do the same to your bathroom. Paint your door and moldings with an exciting color palette like you would do your nails or use curtains and décor that would fit the season.


• Think beyond the bath

Nobody forbids you to use wallpaper, picture frames, and other items that you would only imagine using outside the bathroom. Just make sure that you use waterproof counterparts of these, or better yet, place them in relatively dryer parts of the room.


• Add lights

Adding accent and wall lights in the bath are heavenly and cheap. Besides the aesthetic appeal that they bring, these dimmer lights can create a different ambiance for your room, such as when you decide to turn it into a makeshift steam room for your weekend relaxation.


​​• Explore other materials

Materials like stone, marble, vinyl, and wood tiles are understandably common for outdoor use, but this does not mean that you cannot use them inside the bathroom. If you have a designated wet room and you can maintain the moisture inside of it, consider using unique sets of materials on your flooring, walls, or even your ceiling.


Reminders before redecorating

There are a lot of ways to remodel your bathroom and revitalize an otherwise dull routine. Soon, you will find yourself looking forward to brushing your teeth in the morning or turning up the steam in your shower on weekends.

While nothing is holding you back from giving your bath a makeover, make sure that additions are correctly installed and that materials are waterproofed.


Published by Zachary McGavin