Ever had the thought that some people where just born to make you cross?  Family members, ex partners, friends, neighbours  - the list could go on. 

If, like most people on the earth you have had that thought, have you ever thought that actually all you need to do is change YOUR thought patterns to eliminate their annoyance in you?

Yes, it might seem a little...out there...however it is actually that simple!

When I started this blog site, I shared that I am a newly single mum, what I didn't share is that the relationship with my ex is less than friendly (not for the want of trying on my heart, despite everything he has done!) however I have always maintained that letting the hurt and anger build up in me is pointless.  What good would it do?  Who would feel better about me lashing out?  What would my daughter think?

So instead of burning an effigy of him, I have channelled that negative energy into something positive, something that is driving me to create a wonderful, happy, successful life that not only I can be proud of but what my daughter can be proud of too. 

As such, I am more confident about writing this blog, my personal blog www.stepstochange.now.wordpress.com and rebranding my health and wholefood nutrition business, not to mention launching a brand new events planning business! Whoa! Nothing like a new start eh?!

What is my point to all this?  Well my point is, whatever/whoever you encounter in your life who push you to the point of meltdown, just take a minute and think to yourself - "What can I do with this energy that will be better for me?"

Trust me, the answer will come and you will feel MILES better for it! 

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Published by Anthea Thomas