The last two weeks I've found myself struggling to write. Why is that? I would say it isn't a lack of inspiration, but a lack of discipline. No writer can live purely on inspiration; it is unreliably irregular and does not give enough depth to balance a book or collection. So the question is clear, how do I regain my discipline? 

I need to decide when I will begin taking steps. It's tempting to speak of tomorrows or next weeks, but the correct answer is certainly TODAY. Today I will write myself a basic to-do list, it will look something like this:

  1. Write a single-verse poem
  2. Read a new poem
  3. Work into one poem for your Fables, Depths, and Heights collection
  4. Write 250 words towards a blog post

Now I need to understand what has been stopping me from writing. Has it been higher priority things like Bible reading, or prayer, or caring for others? No, for I struggle with wasting my time in leisure and watching too many things. These things may be fine in themselves, and leisure is useful in measure, but I definitely take liberties with my time-management. It will be difficult, but I must stop watching these things so much. 

To help me with this I'm going to post a weekly update on my writing at so I have some accountability.

I'm facing my discipline problems by:

  1. Starting TODAY
  2. Establishing what needs to happen
  3. Understanding why it doesn't happen
  4. Finding people I can be accountable to

How do you face your work related discipline problems? 


Published by Andrew Davies