Eyes welled over with tears, but I wouldn’t allow one to drop from my face. I sucked up my current emotion and regained my composure. The thought of why I felt like I was being “attacked” and or hurt by several people simultaneously at this moment of time in my life made me feel like I just … hate people. Hate people due to the lack of understanding of why so many people do soooo many mean things and work sooo hard to cause DRAMA and hurt.

I just turned 31 years old, and already, this new year of mine was starting off on the wrong foot. Now, I know I don’t hate people… That’s laughable if you really knew me. But to be honest at one point in my life, in high school, I really did feel that way. Fast forward to today and I’ve just grown tired of dealing with people’s bs.

A guy I had been dating for about 9 months jilted me on my birthday (with out so much as a Text that said Happy Birthday), my mom ensues to argue with me over $20 and I tried to get her to drop the topic and leave it alone… Then she resorts to cursing at me, so naturally I ask her to leave my house. The neighbor downstairs blares his surround sound system in a 764 sq ft apartment ( I can’t understand why you would need a top notch surround sound system in a small apt), then he…yes he, approaches my door and proceeds to threaten me with body language, trying to intimidate me (didn’t work); calling me all kinds of vulgar language names and giving me the middle finger…. No, both middle fingers, all in front of my 3 yr old son, and one of my coworkers who must suffer from selective amnesia pretends like she has told me information for me to effectively perform my duties at work when she did not! Not to mention that my 3 year old isn’t the most pleasant person to deal with at most times. Taking all of these forces on as a single mom isn’t the easiest or most ‘ideal’ situation, especially knowing that my son’s dad live 2 floors above me and hasn’t even asked me about our son (let alone seen him) since our son and I moved into our lovely apartment (mind you, my son’s dad knew that our son and I were going to be moving there months before he and his girlfriend (also named Brittany (not ammusing)) moved in the same apartment complex just two weeks before I did, and of course I didn’t find all that out until I had already started moving my stuff in).

After regaining my composure from all these thoughts and sorting out the ones that are worth ignoring for the moment, I asked myself, why is all this happening? I’m sure some of you have had similar experiences and thoughts; asking why does it seem like the world is coming against me? At work? At home? In the street?…lol You must first say to yourself that This Too Shall Pass. Then you must ask yourself, what do you stand for in life in general?

My mantra in life is to live by Truth, Fairness, and Honesty. If you can honestly believe that your morals, values, and conduct are in good order, and with good intentions, then I’m here to tell you, don’t worry about all the negativity that is trying to take you under! Correct what you can for the situation that you’re in, but leave the rest to God and pray about it, seriously.

Life is a never ending cycle of ups and downs, it’s inevitable, and unfortunately a part of life. Sometimes those difficult times happen in order to bring you closer to a more purposeful focus in life.  It all came together for me when I opened my Everyday Study daily email from Joyce Meyer (a biblical evangelist); and the topic happened to be Progressive Living.

The FIRST sentence of the article read: “Every time God is ready to bring us higher, there is going to be new opposition that comes against us.

How Perfect for the emotions and feelings I was dealing with just an hour prior to reading that!!!

I was emailed with the opportunity to become a contributing author right here on My Trending Stories!  Additionally, I was contacted with another opportunity regarding my day job.  As excited as I am about those two emails, all this opposition from surrounding forces has gained headway on me trying to bring me down. But I genuinely believe that God is leading me to do what He wants me to do to get me to where He wants me to be in life.

Side Note: To single parents, and parents who have a spouse but still feel like a single parent, I seriously commend you!! Hang in there!!!! If I can move with the punches, may I encourage you that you are strong, and patient, and loving, and can provide and get through the tough emotional challenges. I’m one of the worst cases of single parenthood situations that I know of, because I had an non-existent support system (except for two people that were there for me as much as they could be, but I’ll save that story for another day).

Overall, please be guided by your heart and spirit to help make this world a BETTER place for us all, especially for the children of today.

Always remember, it first starts with you: When opposition seems to be hitting you heavy, know that something great will be coming your way in due time, just be patient and move with love regardless of the challenge.

Be the change you hope to see.

‘Til Monday. Be real.

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