Ladies, have you ever been called a ‘bitch’ in a club or bar by a stranger, a man, just because he wanted your attention but you’ve better things to do?

Yes, I want to talk about these goons, today.

One time I was with my girlfriends and her man in a club. She decides to grind for her man and I wanted to take a picture. So I moved a few steps back, removed my phone and then someone tapped me on my shoulder.I turned around, hoping it would be someone who recognized me, but it was a stranger. 

“What’s up?” he said. Realizing this wasn’t someone I knew, I shrugged and said,“nothing much”. Having already taken the picture, as I walk back to my friends.

“Bitch,” I heard him say.

I turned back and stomped to him, pulled him by his shoulder, “Did you just call me a Bitch?”, I asked him

With no shame, he said, “Yup”.

“And how is that?” I asked him, noticing that my friends were coming at me, wondering what’s wrong. He had no answer to that.

What makes me a bitch? Okay, maybe a few people in the world might agree to that, people that I have unknowingly wronged, but this guy has no clue who I am.

Somehow in the noisy room of unbeat tunes. I really wanted to beat the shit out of his face. I was so so mad. If it wasn’t his friends that grabbed him to keep walking and move on, why lie, I would have left him with a nail scratch -oh wait, nail scratches on that ugly face of his.

My point is that you cannot just tap me on the shoulder and angle your hips towards me with a drunk face, stammering a “what’s up”,mouth full of, ‘miraa’ and expect me to start a conversation with you. Why? I don’t want to. So leave me alone.

I answered your, ‘What’s up’ politely, why am I a bitch?

He should be lucky that my attitude personality dint awake because he wouldn’t have just gotten, ‘nothing much’. It would be more.

The whole interaction threw me off for the rest of the night. I kept thinking about what made him think he had the right to call me a bitch. How can a man own that word? How can he say it out to someone he doesn’t know at all?

Why is it that any time a girl doesn’t act the way you want her to, she is a bitch? When men do something wrong we have our pick of words – he is a jerk, an ass, a douche, a dick. But there something inherently female about calling a woman a bitch.

The word has become so common that we often forget what it means. A female dog. When a guy calls another guy a bitch, what he really means is you are acting like a woman. Most men don’t appreciate to be called that.

Why are we bitches for not dropping everything to talk to you? Should we stop going to the clubs because we know  there are some nasty ass jerks waiting to annoy us? We just want to have fun. So leave it at that?

Don’t approach me and just because I don’t want to talk to you, you call me names. Am not you sister nor your neighbor.

Yes, we all know you approach us because we look good. And you want a piece of that cake but don’t be vulgar when you don’t get what will never and can never be yours. Those fake eye lashes and my tiny mini skirt with cleavage showing top doesn’t mean am a bitch.

Ya’ll need to grow up! Real fast!

So men, I leave you with this advice, If a girl isn’t interested in talking to you, just leave it. Or, I guess, write a blog about it.



Published by Doreen Eshinali