by S.A. Prince

Hey ladies, this one is for you. There are times in a man’s life where he’s more apt to get married. I want to help every woman (and man) understand this, because I think marriage is important. We need each other. When a man and a woman come together there is completeness. This is a principle called The Law of Gender. Everything in existence has a masculine and feminine, and the combination of the two creates a necessary balance.

Over the course of the month I sat down and talked with 50 men who were either married, divorced, single and looking, or single and not looking. He’s the summation of those conversations, the best ages to catch men if you want to marry them:

19-23: This is when a man is coming to the end of his college career. He’s about to graduate and move into the real world for the first time, and he’s about to do it alone. Many men do not want to do this alone, and aren’t necessarily sure that they can. This is the point where a man is most able to be influenced, as he is open to suggestions from his mate. This is likely his first extended experience with a woman. He’s the easiest to marry, and most common. These are typically white and Asian males, as these males (more than other groups) often come from full family. Coming from a full family with mother and father in the home makes a man more likely to seek that for himself.

28-32: The frontal lobe reaches full maturity at 25. Still, I tack on a couple years, because it will take a few years for a man to utilize that newly developed brain. At 28 a man begins to think about having a children. He’s grown older and isn’t as impressionable as he was at 23. He’s seen relationships go sideways so he is wary, but the desire for a family is strong in between these ages. He’ll marry to begin one. Black men are likely to get married in this group. I don’t have numerical evidence, but out of all the men that I talked with, black men got married significantly later than white, Latin, and Asian males, and at a much lesser rate. If black men are to get married, it will most likely be here as oppose to elsewhere.

50-55: These men are on the other side of their life. They’re looking to leave their legacy (have a child, esp. if they don’t have one already). Like men who are 23, these men also do not want to be alone. They have been alone. As a result of these men being single for such a long period of time, they have most likely accrued resources to take care of the women they marry.

Solely looking at the above information is not enough. We also have to take the woman’s age into equation, because age will affect the propensity for which a man will marry her. I have to be general here, because there’s simply not enough time within this article to address all the variables.

For women 18-25: This is the sweet spot to get married, specifically for white and Asian women. It’s also the sweet spot for black women, but black women are less likely to get married in this group, the issue being that the men who marry them the most defer to late in life. This woman has her pick of men. She is highly sought after and can marry a man within any group.

For women roughly 30-45: This woman sometimes has a difficult time finding a husband. This is because the viable men in their age group and above are looking for the 18-25 year old women. A man who has resources is likely to seek after the women in the most desirable age group. Men who are 50-55 with resources are becoming few and far between, and that may not be fulfilling for a woman over 30. A woman over 30 is desirable though, and that’s a good thing. Her easiest road to marriage is locking in a man within the youngest and most impressionable group. He is likely to marry and stay with an older woman who has resources and can help him adjust to his newfound loneliness. This is where the “cougar” terminology originates.

I hope this helps both males and females. Find the love of your life, and be happy. Like Frank Sinatra said, “Love and marriage, they go together like a horse and carriage.”


Published by S.A. Prince