Relationships, lets talk about them! I'm talking all kinds of relationships, parent/child, boyfriend/girlfriend, siblings, friendships, all kinds!! We can even talk pet relationships if you want lol. On a serious note, i've seen my share of relationships, whether its witnessing them or being in them myself! 

      Let me start by saying that no matter what relationship you have, it is give and take. Its a 2 way street. Some relationships you will have for life, no matter what happens. There will be pain, there will be love, there will be things said that you wish you could take back, mistakes will happen! The defining thing is what you do next! Forgive, apologize, but do those things and mean it, otherwise don't do it at all! My question is why apologize if you are gonna show the same actions again and hurt that person all over again, or why forgive if your just going to continue to throw that in the persons face? This goes for any form of relationship. Now that we got that out of the way lets talk....

            Love! Love should be unconditional in all relationships.  I know that is the age old saying but it should! You shouldn't love someone because your expecting something from than other than their love! Relationships with family should be the strongest love that you encounter! No matter what you shouldn't ruin that bond. No matter what life brings you family should always be there! I say this even though I lost my mother to some unfortunate events that were beyond my control and I still believe in family even though I was hurt by family closest to me. Family relationships should be unbreakable, yet its unfortunate that there are people in this world that will shatter a family relationship to a point that's no longer fixable. Like I said earlier relationships go 2 ways, both parties have to be willing to work on things that are broken in order for it to work. If one person just continues to resist the other person that is trying is eventually going to give in to your resistance, there is only so much a person can take.

     Now lets talk boyfriend and girlfriend husband and wife, wife and wife, husband and husband, etc there's no discriminating here :) These are more difficult relationships... it shouldn't be but it can be. When you are in a relationship with someone, it should be just that you and that person. Getting outside input on a relationship your in when there is an argument is never good! First its one sided, that person doesn't know what the other persons perspective of the situation is, so your really only getting what you want to hear. That is what can ruin a relationship, keep your relationship to yourselves, trust me when you solve the issues between you two you have a better chance of it lasting. Even sharing disputes with family is tough, because once you involve family in arguments they are going to grow to not like that person, even when there are more good than bad, because they will always remember that time or times you were complaining about that person. I'm not saying don't have people in your corner, do that specially if its and abusive thing. You need to talk to people, you need to vent but do it appropriately that doesn't invite others opinions in your relationship. I've seen so many relationships on Facebook that are all lovey dovey one day and then cussing each other out on a post the next and the pattern keeps going! Don't do that to yourself, it just makes you look dumb to everyone else. Relationships need that exclusiveness.

          Friendships.....well i spoke about this already in my Broken Friendships Happen.... blog ( ) and frankly not matter what happens friends come into your life for a reason, they also go for a reason as well!

          Parent and child relationships, those are the most delicate! No one wants their child to grow up and not want to be around them. Be careful what you do with this relationship think about your child first and how it would make your child feel before you think about how you would feel. See taking care of a child means you put that child's thoughts and needs before your own. No matter how old they are, they will always be your little girl or boy. This love should be unconditional but like I said previously things happen when they are older on the parents part or the child's.

       Bottom line is relationships go both ways give and take. Think about the other person in the situation and how they would feel, think about being in their shoes and if you would do the same thing. Think about what you could be losing or gaining. We are all human and we will always need someone to be there for us! 

Published by Alissa Blassingame