Relax, hear me sing
About the little things
Rest, watch me dance
In this circumstance

Sleep, feel my touch
Under this blanket you clutch
Dream, about tomorrow
I will share your sorrows

Wake, and see my face
Through all the days
Smile, and hear me laugh
You will never be sad

These things will come in time
I will be yours
And you will be mine
Our life will never be a bore
(Poem By Diana Mae).

We need to appreciate this moment no matter what circumstances we find ourselves, smile for today, smile even more for tomorrow, just RELAX and LET GO, let PEACE FLOW through your Mind, Body, and Soul...for that is one thing WE CAN SURELY CONTROL!!!
#TakeACompleteRest #THC #Chill #Unwind #Serenity #Smile  #Laugh #Love

Published by Al Phacarl