Are you familiar with the feeling you get when you see someone attractive? Regardless of gender or race, the rest of the world falls from focus when they fill your vision, and you’re left with that dance of butterflies in your belly.

You want them. Now.

But more often than not, life has other plans. They’re either already spoken for, uninterested, or just asexual. Which means you’re left alone with an abundance of energy. Unsure where to spend it all, you’re left perplexed by the crashing tides of love and chaos.

It’s okay. I’ve got you covered.

Yesenia Faye’s latest work includes heart wrenching poetry that is chock full of erotic displays of affection, lust, and carnal desires. From sex in illicit places to extramarital affairs, these poems discuss and explore all of her deepest and darkest fantasies.

Dipped in philosophical hues, the collection of over one hundred poems presents sex in both grandiose and twisted fashions to delight and excite the reader. Inspiration was drawn from her own wells of deep sexual daydreams and experiences, music by Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Halsey, and Elizabeth Gillies, and an assortment of books and TV shows to create a fantasy featured erotic experience.

Prepare for a journey into the erotic subconscious of Yesenia Faye, who will take you by the hand and show you the doors to your own deep wants.

Are you brave enough to unlock your most inner desires?

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Published by Yesenia Faye